7 Tips on Finding Beta Readers

7 Tips on Finding Your Beta ReadersI get a lot of questions about how I found my beta readers.

So, I thought I’d share that with you all.

How I Found My Beta Readers

1. First off, make a list of potential people.

2. When people (readers) tell me they are interested in reading my book (I write them on the list.)

3. Then I put up a beta reader application on my blog. You get really awesome warrior beta readers this way, because they are actually applying. Check out my beta reader application for The Mason of Hearts here. I found this step so helpful. (Once you have all the applications in, write all the applicant names on your list.)

4. Go through your list again. Decide who is going to make the cut. I think it’s important to keep your beta reader number down. Keep it smaller.

5. Send the applicants that made the cut an email.

6. Keep them in the know! Send them email updates.

7. Make sure they are dedicated. Otherwise, they might not be the right readers for your book.

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My Beta Readers Are Awesome! Love them!

Some of them have been updating me, with pictures! How awesome. Here are some. I hope you all find some amazing beta readers too!








Have you ever had beta readers? If so, how’d you go about finding them?

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