My November To Be Read Pile

Reading, November Reads, Devin JoubertI absolutely love reading.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve found if you don’t invest time in yourself to pour encouraging words into your mind from inspiring and educational books. It’s called a mindfeed. If you want to do great things, it’s going to be important that you create a list of great books and start reading them.

Podcasts are also a part of my mindfeed. It’s so important to listen to the things that people have learned about before you so you don’t make the same mistakes, or fall behind, or get worn out. I’ve decided I need to take it more seriously about how many books I’m consuming. It’s rather pathetic how many I’ve been reading as of late.

My Reads For November

1. God Speaks Your Love Language: How to Experience and Express God’s Love

I’ve read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts and also The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition: The Secret that Will Revolutionize Your Relationships and they were both amazing books. We were given The 5 Love Languages as a gift before our wedding. I seriously recommend people read it before and during. It’s always good to remember how people in your life like being loved.

I read the singles edition when I was in college, healing from a bad relationship I’d been in. If you find yourself at that kind of a crossroad that book is so great! It helps you look into yourself deeper to marinate.

So I’m even more excited to read this book, because I know God speaks our love languages, because he made us. And he’s perfect. So this’ll be great.

2. Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff

I’m currently reading through this book and absolutely adore it.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more organized and I really want to create a restful and cozy environment in our home. I’ve always felt like the queen of organized chaos.

I never really found myself feeling like a minimalist. The idea interested me, but it just felt too sterol and doctor’s office-like. Nothing against that style, but that type of minimalism isn’t for me.

In this book, she talks about being a cozy minimalist and being driven by comfort when it comes to design in your house. I’m so happy I got this book. I’ve really been enjoying it and definitely recommend it to anyone. I can honestly tell you, if you feel the same as me you are absolutely going to LOVE the Cozy Minimalist.

3. First Steps To Wealth

I’ve followed Dani Johnson on social media for quite a few years and I absolutely love her outlook on life and business. Johan and I went to a real-estate investing course a while back, earlier this year and we learned about how the wealthy thrive and after that, I’ve been interested in soaking up anything else I can on the subject.

I’m almost done reading the book, but it’s been really inspiring. Especially since you know that Dani has been through a lot since she was homeless at first.

4. A Court of Thorns And Roses

I’ve only heard great things about Sarah J Maas’ book and her beautiful writing. So I HAD to get this book.

What books are on your to be read pile this month?