Welcome to my New Blog!

Hello, welcome to my NEW blog!

I am so excited you are here on my new blog! I had an old blog, but decided to switch over to an actual url instead of having two website urls.  The old blog can still be accessed here. Check out my latest guest post. Hope you enjoy this place of mine – my new blog home on the internet.

Follow me on my journey of writing about writing, love, life, adventure, travel, and my trek to get a literary agent & published.

Australia, Hello, New Website

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my New Blog!

  1. I love your innovative idea of using a camera to help your writing. What’s interesting too is that an old can not only help jog your memory of the past but also give you scene-setting and story building ideas that you didn’t see then i.e. see the past with a different [matured/experienced] writer’s eyes. Great idea of yours, thank you Devin. Would be interested to hear your other ideas and writings. Best. ArunDebnath

  2. Hello ArunDebnath, Thank you for your kind words! I am glad that you enjoyed my post on Write It Sideways! Be sure to click on the blog tab up above to check out more of my writing… this website is rather new and I am still in the process of adding stuff! Enjoy and have a blessed day!

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