Need a Writing Coach?

I love being a writing coach. It’s one of the best parts of my job.

Just so you know a little bit about me. I am a freelance and creative writer. I’ve been a guest writer on countless blogs. I am the author of an Urban Fantasy Short Story, Hope For Another Day and am currently looking for a literary agent for my novel. I hold a B.A. from Minnesota State University of Moorhead in English/Mass Communications and a certificate in Publishing. I am currently a full time writer and I love every moment of it.

Did I mention one of my favorite parts of my job is coaching other writers?

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What does a writing coach session look like?

  • A weekly Skype call lasting (starting at) an hour to discuss your writing goals, dreams, and to give writing assignments. I will help give you direction and will review the week’s work. You can ask questions and workshop a specific piece of writing.
  • I will send you a written summary after the Skype call, which will include a review of what we spoke about on the call, goals for the week, new assignments, and prompts.
  • You have access to me via e-mail. You can ask me questions during the writing process about anything.

You will get:

• Weekly feedback addressing your challenges and your progress.

• A marked-up copy of your (1,000 word) writing piece via email.

• A critique on your (1,000 word) writing piece. (which, includes light editing) via email.

• Writing Coach Skype Session: I will gladly share with you all I know about writing, editing, and revising. I will help you brainstorm. You will be given writing prompts and assignments that will help you grow. (This is not included in the email session option.)


Are you interested? Want to learn more?


About Devin Berglund

Writer. Dreamer. Wanderer. Enjoyer of Life. She loves crafting stories that change lives. Her first book "The Mason of Hearts" was recently finished. It's the first in a Fantasy Adventure trilogy. She is also working toward agent representation.

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