NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 4 – Staying Healthy As a Writer


A red nose.

Chapped lips.

Sore Throat.

Coughing that hurts.

A warm cup of mint tea sits next to my computer.

That’s right… I am sick. I’m sure you know the feeling!

Whenever November comes around, I pray I won’t get sick – first off because being sick is never fun. Also, because it throws you off your schedule.

When I am sick:

  • I don’t have much energy
  • I don’t want to do much
  • I drink a lot of hot drinks. (My favorites are hot tang, mint tea, mint chocolate tea, and hot lemonade)
  • I rather take a nap than sit at my computer

 So How Do I Make Sure To Stay Healthy During NaNoWriMo & Beyond?

  • Get enough sleep – I think this is something I haven’t been getting enough of.
  • Eat Right – Eat enough fruits and veggies.
  • Drink up – Drink enough water. They say you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. (This is also something I hadn’t been very religious of.)
  • Exercise – When you are a write it’s very important to get up and move. Moving around will also inspire you to live and write more adventurously.

Set a Fitness Goal For Yourself As Well As Your Writing Goal 

  • Set a goal – I want to lose weight in the month of November.
  • Set a Reward – Reward yourself with something when you reach your goals. What do you want?

What are some things you do to stay healthy during NaNoWriMo?


NaNoPrep Series-

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  2. Be Your Character
  3. More on Character
  4. Staying Healthy as a Writer

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7 thoughts on “NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 4 – Staying Healthy As a Writer

  1. Good post and an important topic. I already ascribe to what you outline and I’m rarely sick. My favorite exercise is walking three miles a day as it serves my writerly ends. For some reason when I walk, it organizes my thoughts and sets my mind on fire with story and plot ideas. I’ve taken to use the record function on my phone to capture that flow of ideas.

    1. That’s great that you are rarely sick. I usually don’t get sick either, but when I do it’s not fun! haha… when is being sick – ever fun. Never.

      You are so right in saying that walking helps with inspiration and ideas! And isn’t the record function on the phones these days amazing? I love all those note taking and story apps as well.

      Thanks for coming to the blog and also for commenting! 🙂

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