NaNoPrep Blog Series Part 2 – Be Your Character


The woods always inspire me. In this November’s Nano novel, the woods will be of a huge importance to the characters in my novel. The picture to my right are the woods behind my house. Aren’t they beautiful? I love it!
So, TODAY for the NanoPrep I want to encourage you to think about your characters.
Be Your Character For A Day.
This doesn’t mean you have to be, be, be your character.

Some Ways You Can Be Your Character… Without Being Them


1.) Go Somewhere…

Today, I went for a walk with my puppy, Cocoa. She enjoyed it tons. So much, in fact that she even brought her ball with.

My book will be set in Montana, near Glacier National Park. Since I can’t fly there, right now. I just took a walk in the woods. I am thinking my character might even have a dog.

2.) Figure Them Out…

Sit down with a drink and a snack that your character would like and do this great exercise:

Write up a list of these and answer them. But here is the catch. Answer them from your character’s point of view and who knows… you just might learn something you never knew about your character.

  • I remember when…
  • I was thankful that…
  • I love…
  • I wish…
  • I saw…
  • I hate
  • I think…
  • I promise…
  • I can’t imagine…

IMG_9766Also, an interesting thing to think about is emotion.

How would your character react to different emotions?

  • Saddness –
  • Happiness –
  • Bored –
  • Joy –
  • Fear –
  • Antisocial –
  • Timid –

3.) Retreat with Your Character

Read something your character would read. Watch something they’d watch. Have a fun retreat with them and get to know them better. Some of the best ideas for books and characters come from living. Just experiencing life.

4.) What Does She/He Look Like?

Check out Pinterest or flickr for ideas on what your character looks like and what they wear.

How about you? What are some ways that you get to know your characters?

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