NanoPrep Blog Series Part 1 – Research


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It’s come to that time of the year again.

The time when writers from all around the world gather in word and spirit at their computers, mind maps, notebooks, maps, and story timelines.

That time is known as NanoPrep.

Today I’d like to speak about Researching. Research is very important. Especially when you are writing about things that are real.

Do You Know What You Want To Write?

*Raises hand and jumps up and down esthetically* I do!!

Here are some things that helped me research the world of my novel. I am so excited to write this book, because it’s set in our world. Unlike The Mason of Hearts – I had to create my own world from scratch.

1.) Google is Your Friend

If your story is going to be set somewhere in our world or solar system, type the setting (town, village, mountain, lake, or Mars) into google. See what you can learn about it.

IMG_7369Take Notes
Save pictures in a folder so you can come back to look often. Or use Pinterest.

2.) Ask Yourself Questions – 

•”What if the wolf killed her grandma?” (Red Riding Hood) or “What if his skin sparkled?” (ha… Twilight)
•What are American Indian’s Beliefs?

When you ask yourself questions you will not only come up with great ideas to move your story forward, but you will also come up with other things to research.

How do You Research For Your NanoWrimo Novel? 

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