My FIRST Month Teaching With VIPKID

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Actual video is at the bottom of the blog post. 🙂

I am so excited, you guys! I recently got a NEW job! And I’ve been loving it. I’m still an entrepreneur working from home. This opportunity has seriously opened a whole new door for me and Johan, especially when it comes to adding more money to our bank account and also making a difference in children’s lives across the world. It’s a WIN WIN!!

So far, I’ve been teaching English to Chinese students for a little over a month. And all from the comfort of my home. I love it.

What I’ve Learned My First 30 Days With VIPKID

First off, one of the biggest things I’ve learned from teaching with VIPKID, is how blessed I feel to work with these lovely children. They are so talented, smart, and dedicated.

I mean, I don’t think I would have been up at 9pm learning Mandarin when I was 4-years-old. I appreciate them so much. I was so excited when I got the job with VIPKID. I love how it really gives me more time for my family, dreams, and goals.

One of my favorite times of the day is sitting at home wrapped in a cozy blanket with my husband and kitten, while watching a movie. Since I get done with teaching earlier in the day, I have the opportunity to relax at night and stay in like I prefer to. Hermit much! Yes, I am.

VIPKID, Devin Joubert

A Day In The Life of Being A Teacher for VIPKID

I wake up early in the morning (4:30 am because I’m in the Central Time Zone in America) and make myself a cup of tea. Then I go into my little classroom and start the computer up and get onto the online classroom.

The class runs for a period of 25-28 minutes. After the classes are done, I leave feedback for the students and send cards to my new and returning students to encourage them.

By the time 7am rolls around, I’m done with work and have the rest of the day to work on other things like: cleaning, writing, running errands, reading, and more.

Have You Ever Thought Of Teaching Online?

I definitely recommend it. Whether you are a para, teacher, writer, or artist.

Recently I chatted with a teacher friend and she asked me how much they pay. When I told her they pay anywhere from $14-22 an hour, she was surprised and said, “Oh my gosh, really? That’s more than I make.” So she was really excited about this opportunity.

VIPKID, Devin Joubert
Yes, that’s my makeshift classroom view I see every morning. 🙂

Want To Teach For VIPKID?

If you want to teach with VIPKID, I can help you through the hiring process. This is so exciting. It’s really a great way to make $600-$2,000 a month. So it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a part time job or a different full-time job. It’s so wonderful, because you can work from home (and even in your PJs. As long as you have a professional looking shirt and appearance! I’m usually in my black yoga pants!

It’s also great for if you have kids and want to work from home. This is totally something you can do before they are even awake! Or if you are working a full-time job, but want to save up some extra money fast!

PLUS, VIPKID is mentioned by Forbes as the #1 remote job!! I’m so happy I get to represent them and know that my company is ranked #1!! Absolutely love it! Another great thing I love about this job, is you can do it from anywhere. So you can travel and work from anywhere as long as you have internet and your computer. I’ll be teaching from South Africa in February!

Requirements to work for VIPKID:

  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Be a North American Native English speaker (Be American or Canadian)
  • Experience teaching or working with children
  • Computer and good internet

P.S. Don’t worry about having a TESOL certificate. You’ll be able to get one through VIPKID once you are hired that will work.

Sign up to teach for VIPKID here! And then use my code: DEVIN0027 and I’ll share all my secrets for making it through the hiring process.