My First Disney Princess Half Marathon

My First EVER Disney Princess Half Marathon

What started as a journey to fitness… continues to be that, but I also accomplished something I NEVER thought I’d do. I ran 13.1 miles. That’s a huge accomplishment, since I never thought I’d ever even run 3 miles. Now, 3 miles feels like a piece of cake.

The most important thing I have learned about
running a half marathon¬†is to be consistent and to…

Another thing that is important for a race is to dress for it.

Dress appropriate for running 13.1 miles, because sometimes certain things will chafe or rub in certain spots. Since this was the Disney Princess Half Marathon it means you get to dress up like a princess. (Or whatever you want to look like.)

Find something you’ll feel PRETTY in!

That also means to wear the right shoes. Don’t wear NEW clothes or shoes. You want them worn in quite a bit.

Enjoy the small things and every detail.


Stay consistent.

Keep going.

Shine… Smile. Have Fun!

One thing I found annoying was how many people would run 4-6 in a row. It really made it hard to dodge in front of them. This is important running etiquette. If you need to walk, walk on the right… and run on the left.

RUN like Gaston proposed.

Was totally thankful for the ChEAR squad (Cheer with EAR… like Mickey!) lol…

It was at about mile 10, that I started feeling it.

ME when I saw the finish line.

How I felt with my medal after finishing the race. Too bad it isn’t socially acceptable to wear medals everywhere you go.

Ate like a champion.

How I felt the night of the race. I was soooooo tired…. I definitely did fall on the bed.

How I felt the whole next day and day after. Make sure you stretch a lot.

I really enjoyed the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was so much fun! I plan on doing it again sometime!