Most Asked Questions About Teaching ESL with GoGoKid

I get a lot of questions about teaching English as a second language from home. I absolutely love that it basically helps bring in extra income. I’ll answer all the questions that I usually get here.

You can’t get much better than working from home in your comfy pajama pants, under a cozy blanket, and your cat by your feet!!? What a wonderful job!

Let’s Begin… Here Are The Questions & Answers

Q: What are the requirements to teach ESL with GoGoKid?

A: That’s a wonderful question.

  • To teach with GoGoKid you must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.
  • You must speak English fluently.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree.
  • At least one year of experience with children. (Bible school, teaching at a school, daycare, and/or your own kids.)
  • Good internet
  • NEW: Must have your TESOL certificate

If you are already interested, you can sign up here and I’ll help you through the application process.

Q: Is it like tutoring English? What is it exactly that you do?

A: I teach English as a second language to Chinese students online. Which is awesome because I can work from anywhere (from South Africa or from my yoga pants and a sweatshirt in my office.)

Q: Are there a certain number of hours that you have to work per week?

A: This is actually another thing that I love about this job. You set up your schedule to your lifestyle. In other words, you set the times and days you can work. And then the parents choose the time slots that work best for their children and their lifestyles.

Q: Do you have to be available at certain times?

A: So this changes up your schedule a little bit, depending on where you live. Yes, so you teach the Chinese students on their time. I usually get up around 4:30am and teach from 5-8am. After that, I’m done with my teaching work for the day. But if you prefer to teach evening hours, you can do that as well. That would be their mornings!

Q: How do you teach them online?

A: They have a platform that is a lot like Skype. It also shows the powerpoint slides with the lessons. That’s another perk with teaching with GoGoKid. You don’t have to prepare the lessons as they are already put together in the slides. It’s as easy as: You log on and then the student logs on! And then you teach! And the student learns.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: The best part, right? ?This is really nice. First of all, they pay you up to $25 an hour depending on your experience. It’s US dollars that they pay you in and they pay you once a month (on or around the 15th of the month) through Paypal. Super fast and easy!

Q: How do I become a GoGoKid teacher?

A: The application process is pretty easy and it runs smoothly. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up. If you sign up here, I can continue to help you through the hiring process. Think of me as your coach. ?If my referral code doesn’t show up right away, you can enter it manually: 8RZ45JWA (As soon as you sign up I’ll send you an email with information on how to move forward.) Exciting!!
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email from GoGoKid. Fill out the basic information.
  3. After submitting that information, you’ll be taken to the interview process. (Make sure you choose your correct time zone. This is important.)
  4. There will be a calendar where you can choose what day would work for your demo lesson. If there aren’t any time slots available and you see this “Sorry we are fully booked. We encourage you to check back regularly for the next available slots.” then be sure to check back a few times a day and you’ll see slots become available. I always encourage new teachers ti refresh and check throughout the day.
  5. Before signing up for the interview, make sure that you prepare and go through the materials for the demo lesson and also set up your classroom. If you scroll to the bottom you’ll find: Demo lesson slides, performance guide for applicants, ESL teaching tips, and classroom basics. Make sure you study these and practice the demo slides for the demo lesson. Having your classroom ready and being demo class ready will ensure that you get a good base pay rate.
  6. After the interview, you’ll be stepping into the orientation part of the application process. For this you’ll have some videos, documents, and a quiz to take. Second part will be a one-to-many workshop which will teach you more. After that, you’ll have the one-to-one mock class. It will be 1hour. You’ll be taught how to use the platform and then you’ll be able to asking any questions then.
  7. After that GoGoKid will look over all your information and they’ll determine whether you can move on in the application process. But once past this, you are golden.
  8. You’ll set up your welcome video, add pictures, and start teaching!

Q: What is the demo lesson like?

A: In the demo lesson either a teacher mentor or someone from GoGoKid corporate will act like a 5-year old Chinese student with a very minimal English knowledge. After going through the lesson, they will give you pointers, share tips, and tricks for becoming a better teacher!

Pointers for your mock class & for teaching: 1. Make sure you use TPR which is total physical response. While speaking use hand gestures and act out words. Here’s an example: If you want your student to repeat something after you, you can cup your hand behind your ear. And they will repeat after you. 2. Be sure to make it interesting by using props, stuffed toys, puppets, and flash cards! 3. Smile a lot! 4. Talk slower than normal. If you feel funny talking, you are doing it right. 5. Make your classroom bright and colorful. Hang some fun educational posters.

After the demo lesson, you will have to set up a mock class. Which is where another teacher will sit in with your class. You will teach them as though they are a student with minimal English knowledge. And a cool thing about this mock class is, that you are paid for it as well.

Q: Did you pass the mock class right away?

A: Yep, it was pretty chill. It was nice because my teacher mentor was helpful and gave me pointers about the online classroom and more.

Q: Is the mock class done using their computer software or is it Skype?

A: It’s done using their computer software. But, it’s super easy to use. It’s an online classroom really.

Want To Teach With GoGoKid?

Want to use GoGoKid as a vehicle to reach your goals? Get out of debt? Save for a trip to Disney for your family? Say no more, this job has been an answer to my prayers and I know it will help you and your family out as well!

I’ll help you through the application process when you sign up through my application link.

If the referral code doesn’t show up automatically, you can enter it. Here is my referral code: 8RZ45JWA