Money Problems, Marriage Solutions – Book Review

Life has been so crazy busy lately, but I’ve been trying to read more. I recently read Money Problems, Marriage Solutions by Chuck and Ann Bentley, through a blogging program I’m a part of.

I absolutely loved the cover. I mean, look at it?!! What a cool way to illustrate a married couple handling their money, a blue and pink piggy bank. So cute.

This book was good, but It really focused a lot on uniting your marriage first, and aligning your finances through that. Which is good, but I really wish there’d been more on money management and tips for solving those.

Although I did enjoy where they spoke about saving an emergency fund for 15 months, rather than 3-6 months. That seemed smart to me. Another tip I really loved was that they would match however much their children saved. So that would definitely encourage them to save, which is a really good thing.

But, this would be a wonderful book for newlyweds or engaged couples to read. I would definitely read their other books, but was expecting more on solving money problems.