A Long-Distance Relationship Surprise Proposal

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

I’ve always loved that saying. And thinking back on it now, I can’t believe that I was given a fairytale of my own.

I Didn’t Think That I’d Experience A Real-Life Fairytale

On June 11th, (this is funny looking back at this, because, little did I know that in two years I’d be getting married on that same day) 2014 I went to town with my sister for a girl’s day filled with back massages, Chinese food, manicures, and arial yoga. That’s a perfect combination for a lovely day! Right?

Later that night we were going to pick up my sister’s friend from college, who was flying into the airport to see my sister. She’d been planning to come out to visit for the summer.

At the airport, we waited for her to get off the plane. I was told to look for a small blonde girl, and I swear I hadn’t seen one small blonde girl. She never came. In hindsight, it was also odd, because my sister and parents were acting a little strange. They seemed to be acting too excited for “just” a friend to be arriving. I continued watching for her, but all of a sudden a guy was blocking my view. And he was too close almost popping my personal space bubble. But then when I realized who it was, I jumped out of my skin.

It was Johan.

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This picture was a tad blurry, but I can’t not share it. You can see he really got me.

He was supposed to be in Perth, Australia. (At that time he lived in Brisbane.) He’d told me he was going to visit his parents who lived there. He’d even texted me when he got there.

So he orchestrated the whole visit with my parents and his. He had to account for the moments he was on the plane, so he even had his mom text me something like “Hello Love, I arrived in Perth. My phone died, so just thought I’d text ya from my mum’s phone to let you know I made it. I’m going to bed now! Love you!”

I didn’t even question it.

He really got me good. They all did.

Not many people can say that their partner came for a surprise visit. I know that many people dream of it. I’m thankful Johan was able to come visit like he did.

I later found out that my parents and sister had strategically planned with Johan for about 2 1/2 months. And here I was plain out — oblivious.

When he was there in front of me – I was so shocked I couldn’t find words.

I was so confused how he was actually here and not in Perth. I didn’t exactly know how to respond. Johan always laughs now when telling the story, because he says “It wasn’t like the scenes of Hollywood movies, where couple run toward each other.” Although, I’d like to say in my defense though, that in those movies, usually both people in the relationship probably know they were going to be seeing each other at the airport.

After the shock passed, I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it. And honestly, I still can’t! It was beautiful.

That night on the ride home…

Johan told me he was going to take me on a trip to The Black Hills the next day. I couldn’t believe it… because life was kind of crazy for the last few months. The next day we packed up my bug and headed to The Black Hills.

While there, it rained a lot. But that’s kind of normal for The Black Hills. It was beautiful there. I love it! We of course had to visit our favorite presidents at Mt. Rushmore like we do every time we go. Then on June 15th, (Father’s Day to be exact) the sun came out strongly.

Johan took me to Harney Peak (now called Black Elk Peak) which is the highest mountain in South Dakota! We decided to do a photoshoot on top of the mountain so we got all dressed up and I wore a dress as we hiked up the mountain. OH, and it was a seven mile hike.

Photoshoots in random places is totally normal for us. So I didn’t overly think about it being odd.

Once we got up to the top, I started feeling the chill of the wind. It was so cold. I was definitely happy we brought a blanket and my jeans. We set up the cameras and shot a few pics. Then he gave me a short video to watch on his iPad.

(Get video from johan)

It had me wondering… No… is he? Is he really going to??? Yes? Maybe i shouldn’t get ahead of myself. But, I think he is!!! 

I was sitting down and then Johan came up behind me. “Devin, can you stand up.” I looked up at him in shock. “Sure, I guess.”

I didn’t know how to go about it. I am slightly a nerd when it comes to some things.

Once I was up, Johan knelt on his knee.

It was just Johan and me on the top of the mountain. We were alone among pine trees, rocks, and flowers high above the land.

Johan looked at me with sparkling eyes full of love and said: Remember when I told you what things I would change if I could be 13 again and if I knew everything I know today, then if there would be different choices I would make? Well, I also kept coming back to one thing…I’d want to make sure I meet you so I can spend the rest of my life with you, Devin Lillian Berglund would you please marry me!”

I nodded my head and swayed my back like a little child. He held out a small wooden maroon box and opened it. A sparkling star shimmered inside.

“Yes, sure!” I smiled. He stood and placed the ring on my finger. It was so gorgeous.

It was better than my dreams. I hugged Johan tight. Johan had a cute story to go with my ring as well. One side has my birthstone on it and the other side has his – They represent us. The small diamonds on either side represent our separate journeys. When they met in the middle at the biggest diamond is “US TOGETHER”!!! 🙂

It also looks like a bridge, so I always love to say how we really did bridge the distance. Love it. Love Him!

Here are some other pictures from that special day! Click through the slider below to see them all:

I look forward to many more years and adventures with you Johan! I am so blessed to call you my husband. I love you!

Fairytales, really do happen.