Long-Distance Relationship Con’s

Just as there are pro’s in every situation, there are also con’s. These will be good to know so that you and your partner can stand up against them and thrive across the distance. Here are a couple of the different con’s to being in a long-distance relationship:

Con #1: You can’t get a hug when you need one.

Con #2: You have to save up and plan ahead, in order, to see each other.

Con #3: You have to plan when to chat inside of time zones.

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Con #4: Normal events aren’t as fun because they aren’t there with you.

Con #5: You don’t get to learn your person’s everyday things, especially if you’ve never visited their home and the place when they live.

Con #6: Airport good-byes!

No matter the difference between the Pro’s and Con’s, I’m happier everyday that Johan and I made it work.

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