Launch Team Announcement

I’m relaunching Creating A Fit Life! I’ll be adding a bunch of awesome stuff to it!

And I want to include you in it!!!

I’ve opened up applications for the launch team. When you are a part of the launch team, you get some amazing things! Like seriously!!

Creating A Fit Life

Here’s what you’ll get:
1. You’ll get a copy of the digital book. (Chances to win copies of the print book and Audiobook!!!)
2. You’ll get a view of the behind the scenes of being an author
3. Fun videos to inspire you (I have a FB page that you will be a part of where we will have tons of fun!)
4. Your name will be added to the book!

Here’s the book description:

“Have you ever wished you could be happier with your body and your art? Do you want to create a fit life? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

This creative and encouraging guide will help you get more confident in your body and art. It will help you pave a way to being the fit creative you’ve always wanted to be.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, an artist, writer, or another form of creative who wants to break out of the mold and create better work while loving your life, mind, and soul.

In this guide you’ll:

– Inspiring and actionable steps to create a happier and healthier life now. 
– Find out what your dreams and goals are by doing creative challenges that’ll inspire you to change your world.
– Get inspired to take ahold of your life and change it for the better so that you can become the best YOU! 

What’s stopping you from becoming the healthiest and most inspiring creative that you can become?”

Target Reader: The target reader for “Creating A Fit Life” is a woman (I wouldn’t turn down an applicant for being a man. Because they’d take something away from the book too.) This is just a book being marketed to women who want to create their best lives so they can create their art for longer and live happier & longer lives.

Sound fun?? If so, please apply below!!

YESSSS! Count me in!!!