Just Finished Reading “First Steps To Wealth”

As you all know, I’m trying to read more. Since I didn’t finish all the books I wanted to in November, I am finishing up the books I started then. January, I’m planning to finish the books allotted for the month!

Ways To Build Your Wealth

I absolutely loved Dani’s book “First Steps To Wealth!” Dani started out as a homeless waitress, but is now a self-made millionaire! I like how she described her journey. She’s so uplifting. I want to lift others up too. 

Live unlike others now, so you can live unlike them later. Dave Ramsey is well known for saying this too. Dani also chatted about this in the book.

Something I really loved that she talked about, that I’d never actually thought of, is thinking of your pantry and all the items in it like money. I’d actually never thought of that which is amazing I’d never thought of it.

So what did I do a couple days later?

Yup, I started sorting out my pantry. And making piles and boxes of things to throw, keep, and move.

Which honestly felt so good. I went through the whole pantry and made a list of every item I had. I’m going to see how long it will all last us. We decided we aren’t going to buy anymore food, except milk and meat when we run out to have with the food in the pantry. 

Another thing Dani mentioned was selling the things you no longer need or want. Over the years we pile up items and things that we don’t ever use and we just store them in our houses, closets, and garages. And it’s just a huge pile up of things we don’t actually need. And when you think of it, all those items used to be $$ in your pocket and in your bank.

If you are interested in building your wealth and finding new ways to save your money, then you’d enjoy this book. I recommend it to everyone and anyone!