An Introduction, In Case You Don’t Know Our Long-Distance Relationship Story.

My name is Devin Joubert, which is pronounced “yo-bear” like if you were to say: “Yo! Bear, what’s up!” My maiden name (Berglund) is Scandinavian, so it was a big change to the french last name. But I love it all the same. I am from the American midwest and am usually asked about where I’m from because of my accent. I live in Fargo, N.D., yes, like the movie. (But, I don’t think we really talk like that.)

In 2010, I went to study abroad, on the Sunshine Cost of Australia. That’s on the East Coast, if you are unfamiliar with Australia’s geography.

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When there I met Johan, this funny boy with a cute accent and a laugh I couldn’t resist. We quickly became friends. And then a couple months before I had to go home to the States, Johan and I decided to take the jump to try and give a Long-Distance relationship a try.

I’m not going to lie. Some of it was hard, but that just made the relationship sweeter for the special moments when I’d get flowers and a card unexpectedly, or for the one time he surprise visited me. I hadn’t seen that coming. (For more on that, you can read here.)

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Our Long-Distance Relationship Story & Timeline

Johan traveled a far way to meet me in Australia. Although at that time, he didn’t know he was going to meet me there. His whole family did. But at the time they moved, they probably had no idea I existed.

After Johan finished highschool in South Africa, he went to Australia with his parents to start a new life there. (Year he moved to Australia.) They moved (how many) times in Australia and in 2010, they happened to be on the Sunshine Coast when I was.
He was going to college for architecture and we met at a church on the Sunshine Coast. That’s when we just started being friends.

Here’s a digital photo-book of our long-distance relationship story. Imagine us sitting down in front of a fire place with a hot apple cider while we share these captured moments with you.

This was our FIRST picture together!

We started dating October 19th, 2010.


A pic of Johan and I before we started dating! πŸ™‚ haha!

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I was able to go visit Johan during my spring break. So after getting back to America to finish up college, I had something fun and sunny to look forward to!

Johan came to visit me in America for his first visit in 2011.


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In 2013, Johan came to visit me during his school break. We took a nice big road trip to Portland Oregon for World Domination Summit. It’s a conference for makers and adventurers.

Johan called me in LA! He makes me giggle! ❀️ #longdistancelove #longdistancerelationship

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We talked a lot on Skype and FaceTime! I’m so thankful for technology!

Then Johan came back to visit me the Winter of 2013. It was his first snowy Christmas. I still laugh whenever we talk about his first time in the snow coming out of the airport. It was a lot like Renee Zellweger in New in Town.

For your entertainment, it was a lot like this. πŸ˜› (By the way, North Dakota and Minnesota have extreme weather in the winter. So for someone from Australia and South Africa, it was an extreme shock.)

Then in 2014, Johan came for a surprise visit!Β Most girl’s only think a “surprise visit” happens in Hollywood or fairytales. But, nope, it happened in real life!

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He also proposed on top of the highest mountain in South Dakota! We hiked up there and he got down on one knee.

Can’t stop thinking about the day Johan asked me! Missing him!

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That Christmas we met in South Africa and traveled around the whole country. I also hadn’t met Johan’s grandparents or his sister yet. So I got to meet them then.

Today’s run with Johan in Klerksdorp! πŸ™‚ Was a good run!

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In 2015, Johan came to visit me in Las Vegas.Β I was living there at the time. Taking up rent in my sister’s apartment, while she studied abroad in London.

By the South African Or Tambo Airport Christmas tree.

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Then we started planning for the wedding and when and where it would be. We talked about having it in Las Vegas, but couldn’t imagine that, so we went back to the idea of having it at home, in Minnesota!

The last couple times we saw each other got harder and harder to say goodbye!

Welcome Home Johan!

On March 30th, 2016 Johan came home. Well, he was finally in the States. And this time it was for good. No more long farewells at the airport, where we didn’t know how long it would be till we saw each other next. No more Skype or FaceTime, unless we really wanted to. (Which we have used FaceTime, when we’ve been away from home. Technology is still so important.)

An International Wedding

On June 11th, 2016, we got married and are finally together. I just wanted to walk you through a couple of our pictures and the timeline so you know that we know what we are talking about when it comes to LDRs. We know 5.5 years worth of long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationship story

Because we know how it feels to be in a long-distance relationship, we want to reach out to couples in long-distance relationships and encourage them. Anyone can get through a long-distance relationship. Don’t listen to Hollywood. They tell big lies when it comes to relationships.

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For the next few months, we will publish a post on long-distance relationships every Monday to celebrate and get more excitement out about our new book on long-distance relationships! I will share more on that soon! πŸ˜€

Have you been in a long-distance relationship? Or do you know anyone in one? If so, share this post with them.

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