Sick? But, I have so much to get done!?

IMG_6918I hate being sick!

After just getting back from an amazing conference, my mind is spinning with fun projects I want to do and a list of things I need to finish now has piled up, because I’ve been sick.

Do you know the feeling?

Even though it’s hard. The best things to do – is relax & get better.

Here are a few things that help me, when I’m feeling under the weather.

  1. Nap! Get a lot of sleep.
  2. Bubble bath with this amazing spearmint eucalyptus bath foam.
  3. Read a favorite book. (My favorites to read are from The Chronicle’s of Narnia & Little Women.
  4. Some fizzy pop (or soda). I usually have ginger ale or sprite.

What have you found helpful when you are sick?

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