I Don’t Believe In Political Correctness

Our world has gotten so loud with
political correctness.

Don’t you agree?

It just seems like everyone believes they have to give their opinion even when they weren’t asked for it. What really bothers me is when people say things like “Oh, you shouldn’t do that or say that.” And when you ask why, they say, “Because, it isn’t politically correct.”

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Honestly, I don’t get or believe in political correctness. I think it’s just a ploy the government uses to control people.

“African Americans…”

The other day I was on a blogger’s page where she was giving a critique of a writer’s pitch. The writer’s pitch was about a lady of color and the writer just stated the character’s color as “a black lady”.

The  blogger said: “I think you should change black lady to African American.”

Writer responded: “Why?”

Blogger: “Because that’s not politically correct.”

Writer: First off, I didn’t think there was a problem with stating her color, because I am black. And just because she is black, doesn’t mean she is “African”American.

I totally agree with you, lady!

“& American Indians…”

I grew up in rural Minnesota about 8 miles from an Indian Reservation. And the Indians call themselves indians. They don’t like being called “American Indians” because of course they are American. But they have adopted the title of “Indian”.

But other times I’ve had conversations with a person and when I said “Indian”…

Guess what?

I was censored with the statement… “You shouldn’t say that… It’s not politically correct. They are called American Indians.”

To which, I’ve politely responded, “Well, actually back home the Indians prefer to be called Indians. They actually have told me & others that.”

I believe…

A writer has creative power over the world of her story. I believe the writer (amidst the color they are. White or Black or Purple.) should be able to state the color of her character (even if she isn’t said color) instead of being censored or told “It’s not politically correct.”

When I read the aforementioned blogger’s comment I felt a slightly offended. I know I am white, but I find people saying those kinds of things judgmental. Also when people say, “Oh you shouldn’t judge.” Who is judging in those types of situations. What about the person claiming that you are judging? Isn’t that judging?

So WORLD, I will not follow your bossy rules when it comes to political correctness.

I am not politically correct.

I will never be.

I don’t believe in political correctness.

I just thought I’d cover political correctness today when it comes to writing a place realistically.

Same thing about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Tom Sawyer. A few years ago editors went through the books deleting certain words. Honestly… that author put those words there for a reason. I believe they should be left as is. Yes, it is sad that those events happened, but those are the words that people spoke back then. It makes the story realistic and besides, it’s history.

When you say certain words can’t be spoken by certain people (because of color) isn’t that more racial and judgmental?

I will NEVER be politically correct, but I will be polite and respectful.

There is a huge difference.

Are you with me?


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