How To Write Your Personal Words Of Affirmation

I just got back from a women’s retreat a little while ago. One day, we did a small activity that at first seemed simple, but the more we worked at it, it seemed harder that I’d originally thought it would be.

That activity was writing a list of affirmations that you should revisit daily to encourage yourself.

In life, we give compliments and speak nice words to people around us and yet, we say the worst things to ourselves in the morning when we see ourselves in the mirror. Isn’t that true?

So I want to go over a couple things with you, that’ll help you raise your confidence and achieve the life you’ve always wanted to live, by writing your own personal affirmations. This project is similar to creating a vision board  for yourself, but with words.

What You’ll Need:

Some of your favorite pens and paper. It can be lined paper or even something fancy like scrapbooking paper. 

Some Things You Should Know

  • Start by thinking of an intention you’d love to have manifest in your own life. How will that result feel? And how will it affect your life? It is going to be your target.
  • Begin your personal affirmations with “My” and “I.”
  • Write them in present tense. This will help you see it happening now. If you write it in future tense you will just be creating hope for those things and not actually creating those affirmations into existence.
  • Give it a time frame such as, “In a month” or “by the month of December.”
  • Write shorter affirmations so they are easier to remember.
  • Don’t write affirmations like you are asking the Genie to grant you a thousand wishes. Steer clear of wording like “I really want…” or “I need ____.”
  • Stay away from negative words such as: not, can’t, don’t, won’t, am not, or doesn’t.
  • Insert emotional words into your affirmations to add the emotions you’d like to experience more often.
  • Believe in your affirmations. Writing them is just step number one, but in order to make them real, you have to have a little faith, trust, and pixie dust… wait… wrong story. But you get what I’m saying.

Devin Joubert

More Prompt Ideas

  • Pick out something that you have negatively expressed about yourself and then write down the opposite. Make it positive so that is counteracts that negative belief.
  • Use your authentic voice. In other words don’t write it like someone you admire or want to be like. Write it like you.
  • Are your affirmations believable? If there is an affirmation that makes you feel uncomfortable use phrases like “I choose to…” or “I am willing to…”
  • Are you desiring what you are affirming?

How To Break Down Your Affirmations:

What you want: Lose weight so I feel healthy again.
What you’d say to defend yourself: I am not fat! (If this were your affirmation, you’d be focusing on the word fat.
What you should say for your affirmation: My body is healthy and fit. You are now focusing on the words healthy and fit.

I was encouraged by a mentor to write 108 personal affirmations. I want to encourage you to write 108 personal affirmations to change and improve your life.

Now, it’s your turn. Get some light and relaxing music on. Sit down in a comfortable spot. Write your affirmations. Ready. Set. Go.

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