How To Use Twitter

I’ve really grown to love twitter. I have met some people who have never been on twitter, but are interested in getting aboard. To answer your questions, this is for you. I decided to come up with a how-to, to walk you through. If anyone has questions they would like me to answer about platform, writing, or life write me here. I hope you enjoy twitter as much as I do. Follow me. I will follow you back.

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I’m on twitter and I love it… (click to tweet)

Reasons you should have twitter

  • Many agents and publishers won’t look at you, if you don’t have a big enough platform (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and more) followers.
  • Today more than ever publishers want you to do the marketing. They are so busy, they don’t want to do as much themselves. They will do some, but not enough. Your platform is one thing publishers will notice. (So, this kind of leaves it up to you.)
  • It will grow your following, if you do it right.

How to Set Up a Twitter Account

Sign up-

Go to

  • Be sure to fill in your full name, email, and password
  • ‘Click’ Sign up for twitter

Now, you are going to pick a username.

  • When choosing a username, be sure to use a professional sounding name (Especially, if you are trying to get followers and are aiming to be professional.)
  • If you’ve entered a name that is similar to something someone else has entered, twitter will give you examples of usernames that haven’t been used yet. You can either use one of them or try another combination of the username you would like.
  • “Click” Create Account
  • Check your email, twitter will send you an email for a confirmation

Road Map


Top Bar- You will find 6 icons and a search box at the top bar. I will walk you through them from the left to the right.

Home – When you click on home, it will bring you to your home (this is kind of like your homepage on Facebook).

  • You will be able to see other people’s tweets here. Some may be friends of yours and others may just have something in common with you.

Connect – When you click on connect, it brings you to all of your interactions with people. When someone retweets, likes, or follows you it will show up here.

#Discover – You will find stories, blogs, other twitter people that might be of interest to you

Me – This is your twitter profile

Search box – it is here that you can search anyone and anything. When searching, use @ and # symbols. If you are searching for a person, place an @ in front of their name = @devinberglund

Gear Symbol – This will allow you to change your settings and edit your profile.

  • To change your picture or your header “Click” settings, “Click” profile in order to change the picture and header. And to change the background “Click” design on the tab to the left.
  • In Settings, you are also able to connect your twitter account to your Facebook page, which some people do. But I don’t recommend doing that. Keep Twitter and Facebook separate.

Blue Button with Pen – When you’d like to tweet something, click on this button and write something.


Tweet Something

When you write something, you only have enough room for 140-characters. It can be hard sometimes.

© Devin Berglund

When, I first started on twitter I didn’t use hashtags or @ symbols. I’ve learned that it’s very important, especially if you want to gain followers and more interest in your platform. Use hashtags and @ symbols, is a MUST!

If you are a writer and you want to find other writers to follow, use these hashtags.

Following Twitter Etiquette

  1. Do follow friends!
  2. Do follow people with similar interests.
  3. If someone follows you, follow them back.
  4. Do not follow people, and wait for them to follow you and then unfollow them. That is not kind. (You can know who has done this to you on twitter by checking out this awesome and cheap website.) You can also see this when some people are following ‘6’ people and have thousands of thousands of followers.
  5. You are able to follow a total of 2,000 people and then twitter doesn’t allow you to follow more until you have more people follow you. Probably to make sure you aren’t a computer or robot. The website above is also great for this too, because you can see who hasn’t followed you and you can clean out the ones you don’t want to follow anymore and just follow those you’d like to.
  6. Thank people who have followed you and/or retweeted you.


Follow me and I will follow you! 🙂

How about you? Do you have twitter? Any tips that you wish you would have known when you were just starting out? Share your twitter handle with us and let’s follow each other.