How To Make An Extra $500-$1,000 By Holding A Closet Sale on Facebook Marketplace

We recently went through and decluttered our whole closet and through a bunch of boxes. Instead of donating everything, we decided to hold a “closet sale” got rid of a bunch of things and made close to $500. So my question for you is, do you have too much stuff?

Stuff you’d like to get rid of? That causes more stress?

What’s even better is that you could even make some money while getting rid of those items. What I love about it, is that the items you find yourself annoyed with will be loved by someone else. Which makes it even better, right?

Over The Last 2 Months Of Selling On Facebook

A while back I saw a quote that went a little like this: “Take a moment and look around. All that stuff used to be money.”

That’s some intense food for thought. We spend too much money on things we actually never use. Or use once and then throw it in the back of the closet. After going through all of our clothing and cleaning up our house we decided that, instead of donating it all, we decided to have a closet sale and sell some of it to people who might want it.

Since we decided to do a closet sale and sell items that we no longer wanted or needed, we were happy to add $500 more to our pockets and get rid of the items.

5 Tips For Making $$ On Facebook Marketplace By Cleaning Out Your Stuff

  1. Go through all the things in your house. Pick out everything you want to keep and find a home for them. Then put everything you don’t like or want to get rid of in a laundry hamper. Those are the things you’ll sell online. Put it in a place that’s out of the way where you won’t trip on it.
  2. Take beautiful pictures of the items. For me some of the pictures are of books and clothing and other MISC items. Place them in pleasing ways!
I absolutely love color, so thought it’d be fun to have the color of the other clothing behind this gorgeous teal shirt.

Or share a picture of you with the item of clothing on.

Devin Joubert, Devin Berglund, Writing

Make it look enticing, almost like how a store would.

3. Write great captions and give descriptions and recommendations of what to wear with the clothing. This will help people see themselves adding it to their wardrobe!

4. Be sure to renew the item on Facebook Marketplace every 7 days.

5. If you have items that are more pricy that seem like they aren’t selling, you might want to drop the price some.

BONUS TIP: Selling items to people you don’t know can be a little nerve-wracking, so I’d recommend meeting people at a neutral place. So lately I’ve been meeting people in well-lit parking lots of Hobby Lobby or Barnes and Noble, during the day. And my husband usually comes with me, when he can.

This Is A Wonderful Way To Get Rid Of Things And Make Some Extra Money

If you are trying to make some extra cash to make ends meet or to save up for something extra special, this is a wonderful way to do it on the side of anything you are currently doing.

I’m all for decluttering, but if you can make a little extra money and give the item to someone who will love it more than you will, it’s even better!

This is what a woman wrote me about a dress I sold her:

So I know that this dress will be loved and worn, more than I was able to love it. Which makes me feel good in a way that we were both able to help each other!

Speaking Of Making Money, Here’s $20

I’ve been using an online banking app, that’s really been amazing. You can set up dreams that you want to save up for. And then you can set automatic payments that’ll come out however often you want, so your dreams will be saved for while you are sleeping. No more worrying about saving for that trip to Europe or for your kid’s college at the last minute.

Try out the free trial of Qaupital and we will both get $20.

Have you sold anything on Facebook Marketplace? And if so, what have you found to be helpful for selling items?

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