How To Create A Blog Content Strategy

It’s super important to have a blog content strategy. You can do this by having a content scheduling meeting every month. It’s important to have these meetings if you are a solo-preneur or a small team or a bigger company, because your content is going to reflect your brand and blog to your readers or customers.

Get your blog content strategy on point with these actionable tips. #contentmarketing #blogging

blog content strategy, Devin Joubert

Some Important Things You Should Do In Your Content Scheduling Meetings

I’m going to share a couple things that help me and our team figure out our content strategy.

1. Know Your Audience

If you’ve been blogging for awhile now, you probably already know what kind of people read or follow your blog. But if you don’t, It’ll be important to know who who your ideal customer avatar (ICA) is. The ICA is like a mascot for the people who actually read your blog.

It's important to know your audience. Create a mascot for the people who actually read your blog. And write each post to that person you create.

Truly knowing your customers is a very important and profitable quality you want to possess. Knowing them will help you create better content, products of great quality. Plus, it’ll help you with your marketing better.

You want to narrow your focus down to one person. Yes, more than one type of person will read your blog, but if you are aiming to write for everyone, you are actually writing for no one.

Write out answers to these questions to get to know your ideal customer avatar a little better. Some of the questions are more simple, but others will get you digging into your ICA’s psyche:

  1. Full name:
  2. Age:
  3. Gender:
  4. Marital status:
  5. Do they have kids?
  6. Where do they live:
  7. Occupation:
  8. Annual income?
  9. What are their core life beliefs?
  10. What are their favorite avenues of media? (listening to podcasts and what kind of books do they like to read?)
  11. Which blogs do they read?
  12. Which brands do they love?
  13. What do they fear?
  14. What keeps them up at night?

Once you have an idea for who your ICA is, it’ll be important to look up a picture of what you think they look like. And whenever you write a bit of content, write it as though you are writing it for them. If you are struggling to figure out your ICA, I’d love to set up a blog strategy coaching session with you. I just opened up a blog coaching subscription and would love to help you rock your blog.

If You’ve Been Running Your Blog For Awhile

You can also create a questionnaire on Google Forms and then send it our to your email subscribers and write a blog post sharing about your goals and why you want to know what your readers want. Then you can turn that into a blog post and you’ll have people fill out the questionnaire.

2. Post-It-Note It

blog content strategy, Devin Joubert

Since you know who you are writing for now, it’ll be important to keep that in mind when you are brainstorming content ideas for your blog.

Get one of those big sticky note sheets, some colorful post it notes, and colorful pens. I feel like color helps to invigorate the mind.

Now, set a timer for 5 minutes and write out as many content ideas on separate post it notes. Then put them on the big sticky note sheet. Get as many ideas out in 5 minutes.

Now, Go Through Your Ideas

Now divide your sticky note sheet in half.

Ask yourself if the content ideas are true to the personality of your ICA. Would that person want to read an article about that? Would they take the time to read it. If you think they would, put the sticky note to the right. If you think they wouldn’t remove that sticky note.

3. Once You Figure Out The Blog Post Ideas, Figure Out Where On The Calendar You Want To Publish Them

You can use any kind of calendar. I usually use my scheduling calendar that I write in. But I’ve also used Cozi and Google Calendar. One thing I really love about Google Calendar, is that it sends notifications to my phone, so when I wake up in the morning I see everything I need to accomplish for the day even before I open up my phone.

How Often Will You Publish?

I’ve published blog posts on a variety of schedules: once a week, twice a week, twice a month, and everyday for a month.

If you are just starting, I’d aim for twice a month or once a week. Pick out the day you want to publish and then schedule it. Now all you have to do is write the post.

4. Overwhelmed? Want A Blog Strategy Coach?

Want a blog coach to help you with your blog strategy? #blogging #contentmarketing

I am doing monthly blog strategy coaching calls with bloggers. If you are interested check out this link on Patreon. For $50 a month, I’ll coach you and help you figure out your best blog strategy. It’s different for everyone, but I have experience helping and teaching bloggers.

For Subscribing To The Monthly Blog Strategy Coaching Session, You’ll receive:

– My content calendar for the upcoming month (This will show you how my content calendar looks. Will also show my upcoming topics and themes.)
– You’ll be able to vote on up-coming-topics for the next month
– You’ll also get the key to my content library (hidden and helpful content for being your best writer and blogger)
– and you’ll get one-on-one blog strategy coaching with me every month that you are subscribed. (hour-long)

Why Am I Qualified?

I’ve worked with and interviewed some of the best in social media and blog strategizing. I used to work as the Blog Editor at CoSchedule, was an editor of a Design Magazine, and am the Creative Director here at Life Writing Wanderlust.

So when it comes to having a website that works for you, I know what it takes.

In the hour blog strategy coaching sessions, you’ll get me. I’ll be able to help you find your blogs focus, figure out your why, and strategize the best route of action and content planning for your content. I’ll also give you actionable homework.

I really look forward to working with you!