Hollywood’s Biggest Lie Is About Long-Distance Relationships

You know you’ve seen it in the movies on the silver screen.

The lead male protagonist moves closer, while gently putting his hand around her neck. The emotional music trills in the background as he leans in to kiss her.
While pulling away he says “Jen, I just don’t think we can do this anymore.”
“Why do you say that?” Jen’s eyes shoot open.
“It’ll just be too hard. I am moving to the other side of the country and long-distance relationships never work anyways.”

I know I’ve seen it, and more than once. It’s just an example of one of the ways that Hollywood lies to us. It’s shown differently in every movie and some scenes are more romantic while others are worst. It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest lies.

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Here’s an example from Legally Blonde:

Here’s an example from the movie If I Stay:

The truth is: YES, long-distance relationships do work.

Hollywood’s Biggest Lie

One thing that always pushes my buttons when I’m watching a movie about a couple who met across the distance or a couple who met in the same place, but then one or both have to move to separate places in the world, and how one of them ends up saying the lovely line above:

“…and long-distance relationships never work anyways.”

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According to who, do they “never” work?

This bothered and still does bother Johan and I. If you are just running across this post and have no idea of our story. Here’s a little recap. My husband and I were in a long-distance relationship for 5.5 years, while he was in Australia and I was in the American midwest. That’s a LONG distance.

I know for a FACT, that long-distance relationships work if both of the people in the relationship are fighting against the distance.

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long-distance relationships work

There may be a few reasons why a long distance relationship wouldn’t work, though. And those reasons may be: using the whole “long-distance relationships never work” statement, because they want out, or aren’t committed, or because they want to meet other people. And then the last one, is that maybe the couple isn’t right together. But that’s usually the couple you see in the Hollywood movies.

I wish there was a movie that actually showed the realistic-ness of what a long-distance relationship is really like.

Hollywood Over Does It With Their Movies

A lot of the things shown in movies with long-distance relationships in it, are a bit far fetched.

  • Travel times are never realistic. You see the plane take off and then land in the next shot.
  • Plus, how does the girl always look so fresh and gorgeous after being in THAT many airports and sitting in a plane for THAT many hours?
  • You’re from another country and you got there, how? Usually you just see the partner take off and land in the other country seamlessly and with no trouble. Like they didn’t need to get a visa or go through any of the complicated things one must do to travel abroad.

I can tell you that’s boloney. The fact is, if Hollywood did show everything couples in long-distance relationships went through they’d probably think they’d have a problem selling tickets.

Thing is, like with everything, Hollywood glamorizes everything. I loved Johan enough to do the LDR and he loved me enough. Did I love the long distance? Not really. But it was worth it, because we loved each other. And our love was bigger than the excuses of “But, long-distance relationships never work.”

We knew they did and bridged that distance so that it worked for us. I’m so glad I did.

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