Here’s What Happens When You Open A Book Instead Of Scrolling Social Media

Okay… so, if you haven’t noticed it yet. We have a problem in this generation. It’s a social media problem. We spend way too much time on our technology. I was recently having a conversation with one of my friends about this. Like we didn’t even know this problem 20 some years ago, because we didn’t grow up with smart phones and texting (At least I didn’t.)

We waste so much time online, on our phones, and on social media.

Actually in a recent study, they found:

“American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market-research group Nielsen.”

Market Watch

Like really, you guys… 11 hours a day?!

Can you really believe that? That’s a little less than half a day.

I was chatting with my sister about how much time we waste on social media and she was telling me about someone she follows that tucks her phone in at 6pm. By tucking in her phone, she means that she plugs it in and turns her phone notifications off. She does turn the ringer on so she could hear it, if someone tries calling her.

What You Could Be Doing Instead…

There are various things you could be doing with your time than spending in online scrolling through the newsfeed or on Instagram. Here are some ideas of things you could do.

  • Read a book. (I seriously read so much last month, while away in South Africa. I read six books last month. That’s a big change. And I can tell you that my screen time was much less than normal.)
  • Cleaning or organizing the things you are trying to get sorted. (Today before I started writing this blog post, I was sitting with some tea while feeling sorry for myself because our house was messy. But then I realized it wont clean itself. At that moment I got up and started cleaning. We now have a clean kitchen!)
  • Finish projects that have been started but not finished. (I started making a quilt when I was younger, but never finished it. So that’s been one of my projects I’m trying to finish. I also have a scrapbook to finish, jewelry to make, and art to frame. Why am I writing this blog post now?!)
  • Do something fun with your spouse. Plan a fun day.

What Happens When You Set Social Media Down & Read A Book Instead

You feel refreshed and also like you are no longer a slave to the little screen. It really feels good. Plus you reunite with paper pages in a book and feel more connected to life.

Since I felt like I really was able to take more of a screen-time vacation while I was in South Africa, I decided that I’m really going to limit my time on social media so I can accomplish more. No more wasting 11 hours a day. Uffda.

This Is Something I’ve Done To Help Cut Back On My Social Media Addiction

The Iphone comes with a new feature now and you can update your Iphone to have this feature if you don’t have it on your current one. It’s called Screen Time.

To access it, go to your “Settings.”

Then from there click “Screen Time.” Inside that tab, there are many different options you can look into that will help you spend less time online.

If you want to set a “Downtime” that will make all your apps go into a downtime mode, this will make it harder to just scroll on social media.

Then you can set limits to the time spent on certain apps and social media. It’s called “App Limits.”

When you go into “App Limits” you can choose which apps you want to put limits on. I chose to put limits on the Social Networking Apps. I chose to set a four hour limit for the day. And when the four hours are out, they are out.

But then you can choose which apps you want to allow always.

I kept my phone app, messenger apps like Messages and Whatsapp, and Maps.

Doing something like that will definitely help if you need to kick your social media addiction in the bum.

Have you found anything that’s helped you with cutting back on social media and screen time?