Happy New Years!

Can you believe it is New Years now? I still can’t believe it that 2014 flew by so fast.


I want to share my 2015 goals with you all. One way of making them real is writing them down and sharing them with someone. So, I thought I’d share it with you all.

BUT FIRST… I’d like to share with you all what I accomplished from 2014.

My 2014 Business & Life Plan 

• Finish The Mason of Hearts (This became a reality earlier in 2014. I was fortunate enough to write full-time.) 

• Send The Mason of Hearts to my Beta Readers. (In November, I sent my book to 6 beta readers and got them back 3 weeks later. I am so thankful for all of them.)

• See Johan for Christmas (This became a reality for the whole month of December. I spent the month with him in South Africa. Miss him.)

• Get in shape. (In 2014, I lost a total of 16 lbs and ran a 5K, 10K, and signed up for a half marathon.)

My 2015 Business & Life Plan

• Final Edit of The Mason of Hearts (The plan is to finish it by the end of the Month of January.) UPDATE 4/18/15 – Finished the 6th edit. 

• Launch the Social Media Blast Class on DancingPoetCreativeMedia.com UPDATE 4/18/15 – Sign up for Dancing Poet Creative Media’s InstAmazing Instagram course for FREE when you sign up for their newsletter.

• Get more marketing out for my website.

• Send The Mason of Hearts to my editor in February – UPDATE 4/18/15 – Sent it off to my editor in February.

• Start writing a new adventure in February.

• Write and share The Mason of Hearts query letter with my beta readers in March.

• Become better at Afrikaans so I can understand it better.

• Start planning my wedding

• Get in better shape and lose more weight. (Sweating for the dress.)

• Read more books.

• Write a few short stories

• Visit Johan (Aussie) and Cassidy (London) both.

• Go to at least 1 writing retreat.

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Writer. Dreamer. Wanderer. Enjoyer of Life. She loves crafting stories that change lives. Her first book "The Mason of Hearts" was recently finished. It's the first in a Fantasy Adventure trilogy. She is also working toward agent representation.

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