Happy Fourth of July

Last week, I went with my parent in-laws to see Trump. He came to Fargo, N.D. so of course we had to go see him.

How often does your President travel to your home city? Not often, so when he comes, you go see him. We waited in line for about four hours and it was HOT.

Even though the wait was long, the experience was great!

My father-in-law really enjoyed it. They really love America and working to come here. That’s one thing that’s really close to my heart. Since I’ve gone through the immigration process with my husband. But I’m all for coming the correct way, because I know how much paper work is involved. So that’s going to be one of Johan and my goals in the next year– to get Johan’s parents here in America.

I’m so thankful to live in America. When I traveled a lot, I noticed how in many countries it’s far and few that you actually see the country’s flags. But here, you basically see one on every corner, store, and street. I’m very patriotic and so thankful that God placed the right people in history at the right time.

I just think America is a miracle. There are so many times in history, where we could have lost or the country wouldn’t be the same as it is today. There were countless times during the Revolutionary War where we could have lost our country. During the Civil War there were times that we could have lost and become two countries.

I’m proud to be an American. I hope you are too. Many people don’t have the same Freedom that was paid for in blood. Our blood runs Red, White, and Blue.

Happy Fourth of July.