7 Secrets to Getting on Track After Being Sick


Were you recently sick? Here are some great tips on beating the sick-ness blues.

1. Feel Good Cake *My Fiancé came up with this. haha*

When I chatted with my fiancé the other day. I told him I’d made a chocolate cake.

What? I was craving chocolate & cake. So, I was thinking why not? Right?


My fiancé said, “Oh, so you made a feel good cake?”

It totally makes sense, right? Yes, but, then I resorted to eating cake to make myself “Feel Better”. Which, isn’t good since we don’t need food to make ourselves feel better. Although, it’s definitely okay to eat sweets now and then, but don’t overindulge.

2. Don’t Get Discouraged 

Your health matters more than anything else.

Don’t overdo it.

The last thing you want is to get sicker. Here are some great tips on staying encouraged, while sick.

3. Take It Slow

If you must. Sleep. Take your meds. Drink water and hot lemonade. And repeat. Allow yourself to heal.

4. Get Some Sunshine

Today I went outside and sat on the front step of our porch and listened to the birds sing, while basking in the sun. After doing that alone, I started feeling better about myself.

Enjoy the sunshine.

5. Eat Healthy Foods

Our garden is overflowing with tomatoes, so I make sure to eat some everyday. Doesn’t the saying go something like, “Eat a tomato a day to keep the doctor away?” Or something like that *wink* (I know it is really apple.)

10686839_10100299145982490_4630848736800011954_n6. Create Something. 

Go out and take a walk in the garden. This also counts for getting some sunshine. Write in your journal or draw a picture. Creating will also allow for healing as it makes your soul happy.

Creating will also allow for healing as it makes your soul happy. 

7. Once You Start Feeling Better…

Look at your goals again. Sit down with your schedule with some hot lemonade and your favorite pen.

Make a list of two things that MUST be finished and by WHEN you want them done.

Start there. Don’t be discouraged. Take it slow. Baby steps.

What are some different ways you’ve gotten on track after being sick?

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