My why for seeking freedom as an entrepreneur

I’ve been working for myself a little more than a year. I absolutely love having freedom as an entrepreneur! I actually can’t believe I’m coming up on a year and a half here soon. And you know what? I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. But especially, I love how it’s given me the freedom to live the way I love living.

Devin Joubert, Writing, Mary Kay, freedom as an entrepreneurWhen I originally wrote this post, I’d just put my 2 week’s notice in at my full time job. I was so excited, but honestly I was annoyed and worried about all the questions I was getting from people around me about “quitting my full time job.” Which I understand. I wasn’t afraid of not having the benefits or the good pay that that full-time job gave me.

My Why For Seeking Freedom As An Entrepreneur.

But in my life now, I’ve found that there are two kinds of people: 1. The kinds that have all the money in the world. And 2. Those that have all the time in the world. And I didn’t want to be the one with no time in the world and all the money in the world. I decided I’d find more money elsewhere. Time is the main reason I chose freedom as an entrepreneur. 

I was sick of having no time

I was stuck in a cubical, and I hated my job. Everyday I felt like a broken record that was stuck on the same track inside my mind. I kept hearing “I hate my job. I hate my job.” And that’s definitely not a positive mantra to have if you want to have a positive lifestyle! Nope nope!

I have a strong why, for why I didn’t want that lifestyle.

I have a wandering soul. I am not comfortable and never have been stuck behind a desk for 8 hours. I still remember when I was in 7th grade at the public school in the small town where I grew up. I was sitting in science class and couldn’t stop staring out the window. I imagined the shutters like jail cell bars locking me in. I wanted to be out there. Not stuck inside sitting at the desk in front of me. The same was true for when I was in 3rd grade and my mom told me that the teacher complained that I was always looking out the windows. My dreams have always been calling to me. I have a free spirit and I love who I am.

Right when I was about to put my 2-weeks notice in, I heard Pamela Shaw, say that you have to fight for the life you want. And I resonated with that. If you don’t fight for it. No one will fight for the life you want.

Here is the video. Be sure to watch it. You’re welcome!

My WHY for being an entrepreneur

Devin Joubert, Writing, Mary Kay, freedom as an entrepreneur

First off, I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility that a corporate job wouldn’t be able to offer me.

But now, my WHY is to help women achieve their dreams, while working to add an extra $2,000 to my family’s monthly budget so I can live my dream of being a full-time author and a stay-at-Home mom when we have kids someday.Devin Joubert, Writing, Mary Kay, freedom as an entrepreneur

I help women who love God or want to love God. I help women who believe they have more to offer the world. I help them achieve their dreams, first, by helping them see the beauty inside themselves and the gorgeous power they hold.

I help women achieve their dreams, first, by helping them see the beauty inside and the gorgeous power that they hold.

I write thought-provoking articles that help people think more about their dreams and sell skincare products and makeup , but this business is so much more than lipstick! I’ve seen so many people’s lives changed through it.

I want to inspire you too, what are your dreams? Are you feeling like a zombie stuck in stand-still traffic? Want to get a different job? What do you want to do with your life?