Finding Time To Write When Working A Full Time Job

Are you working a full time job, that isn’t writing? If so, it’s important that you are finding time to write.

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  1. Don’t go anywhere without a notebook and a pen. (Tweet that.) I know there have been times that I forgot to bring a notebook and pen with me. Or times when I forgot to bring a pen. I remembered the notebook, but forgot the pen. I felt blind, like there was no way for me to keep my thoughts. It was absolutely aggravating. Remember your pen and paper.
  2. Record. Record. Record. Do you have a recorder? I’ve been playing around with my Iphone recorder app (Quickvoice). It is extremely helpful. On your commute: Don’t be the person in the next lane of traffic, who is writing on her notebook sprawled over her wheel. (Tweet that.) She writes frantically while glancing up to see if the lights have turned green, yet. That is an accident about to happen. Don’t do that.Instead use your recorder to take notes. Record it and then go through all your notes and thoughts later and write them down.
  3. Take your time seriously. Have a lunch break? Take out your Ipad and write. Or do you have your manuscript printed and do you need to get to chapter 15 by the end of the night? If so grab it and start. Every minute counts. You can do it.
  4. Get enough sleep. period.
  5. Get out and move.

What are some of your tips and pointers for finding time to write, while working a full time job?

4 thoughts on “Finding Time To Write When Working A Full Time Job

  1. I don’t have an iPad, yet. But it’s on my list. I do have a lunch hour, but I normally use that to decompress, read, check email, etc. I like the idea of recording thoughts – I do sometimes have an errant thought about a bit I want to put into a current project. I think that’s part of my problem – too many projects!

    1. I totally love my ipad! I definitely recommend ipads. 😀

      I understand what you mean by “too many projects”. haha… I am definitely affected by that too. 😛 Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for commenting!

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