Everyone Should Have A Vision Board For Their Dreams And Life

Have you ever created a vision board for your life? Your business? or goals? If you have, that’s great! But if not, you should get out your poster board, glue-sticks, and old magazines. It’s one of the best ways to refocus your dreams.

Refocus your dreams and goals with a vision board. This is how:

I’ve always found that it’s much easier to chase your dreams, everyday when you have something to remind you of your goals and dreams. That’s where having a vision board comes handy, because you’ll put it someplace that you see it on a daily basis.

How A Vision Board Will Help You Reach Your Dreams

A vision board will help you re-focus your goals. You can do this for the whole year, or for the quarter, or month. Our goals and dreams always change depending on where we’re at and where our goals are at. You can do this by yourself or with friends.

I just recently partook in a Vision Board Girl’s Day Out. We invited a ton of girls and brought scissors, poster board, glue guns, colorful scrapbook paper, and stickers. And then we all sat around the table and dreamed together!

1. Divide Your Life Into Categories

You have many different parts in your life: business, financial, family, kids, health, and more.

Sit down with a notebook and think about all the different areas in your life.

Vision board, Devin Joubert
This vision board is for my business side of life!

2. Once You Have Your Categories

Write about how you’d like to improve your life under each topic/category.

Put them into categories like this.


  1. Build up emergency fund – $10,000
  2. Save up for Roth IRA $5,000


  1. Start running 4 times a week.
  2. Lose 5 lbs.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water.

When you have your list finished you’ll have a roadmap of what you need to do. And a route on how to get there.

3. Look Through Your Old Magazines & Pinterest

Now it’s time to flip through your magazines. If you love Pinterest you can look through there and print of pictures as well. But this is fun. Look for your dream life. What kind of life do you want. Want a beautiful house in the country? Find a picture that shows that. Want to earn a promotion with work? Find a picture that shows that success.

Cut the images and pictures that you find.

4. Where To Put Your Dreams On Your Vision Board

You can divide your vision board into sections where you’ll put focused vision inspiration for your different categories. Or you may just want to do a vision board for work or for your health.

A year ago, I was about to start writing a novel so I decided to make a vision board for my book. I decided to do the vision board on a mini canvas. It turned out quite inspiring.

Vision board, Devin Joubert
This is a vision board I created for my novel.

Doing something like this helps especially if you work a full-time job. Then you can keep it on your desk and every time you look at it, you’ll be inspired to work toward the specific goal.

Creating a vision board is all about inspiration and creativity when it comes to accomplishing your dreams. It is doable. You can do this!

5. Put Your Vision Board Where You’ll See It Everyday

Now that your vision board is done, you’ll want to place it somewhere where it can inspire you daily.

Have you ever created a vision board? If so, how did it help you reach for or accomplish your dreams?