Editing with Susan Dennard

Susan4-1Today, for Writing Wednesday, I would like to introduce you to Susan Dennard and today we will be chatting about editing.

1. What is your editing style like?

My revising style is very organized and very structured.

2. While on a deadline, how do you stay on top of your edits?

I stay on top of my revisions by working every day from 5AM to 7PM until the revisions are done. 🙂

3. About how many chapters do you aim to finish in a day?

I can’t say that I finish a set amount each day. Rather, I finish as many pages as I finish. Sometimes I’ll revise 50 pages in a day and other days, I’ll only manage to revise 5 pages. It all depends on how much work the pages demand.

4. How long (week wise) do you edit for?

I revise until I’m finished and I feel the book is in the best possible condition. Usually this takes anywhere from several weeks to several months. 🙂

Connect with Susan Dennard here:
website: http://susandennard.com
blog: http://susandennard.com/blog-2/
twitter: http://twitter.com/stdennard
pinterest: http://pinterest.com/stdennard


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