Done With The 6th Edit

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I am so excited. The edit is done. Besides editing for 20 days I was also working on my pitch for “The Mason of Hearts”

My Editing Journey

This is me after I finished the 6th edit.

And this is me still.

It’s such a lovely feeling to know it’s done, the 6th edit at least.

And I’m also excited to be able to get some sleep. This little guy is how I was.

Tomorrow I am sending the book baby off to the editor. This will be me.

But this will be me too… Waiting… and hyperventilating…

I will be doing a lot of this…

And this…

This too (except via email)

But, this will be me when I see that I have a new email in my inbox from my editor.

And then I’ll put on some fun music and dance some more. But then…

This will be me before I open the edited manuscript…

Benedict Cumberbatch knows best: I’ll take a deep breath & then I’ll read the edits.

And then I’ll get my editing brain on and dive into my 7th edit.

What is your editing journey like?

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