Creative Engagement with Instagram

Instagram is an important addition to building a following online. Which, will greatly help you get more readers and email subscribers.

Are you on Instagram? If so, come to my Instagram page everyday this week. I will be sharing tips to using Instagram to boost your creative engagement on your social platforms.

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Some people expect to see results right away, but I want to tell you that it will take time. So be patient. Don’t focus on the numbers. Focus on the people you are trying to get to know. The people who are going to be your readers. When you do that you are making your readers more excited to follow you and read your new work. Think about how you can best help your readers.

Also, when posting to Instagram make sure you are adding something NEW to your social platform that people can’t find on one of your other platforms.

I will be sharing helpful content on my Instagram account everyday this week. Make sure you come join the fun! I am so excited about this.

Tips For Instagram:

  • Take great shots. Try to take pictures everyday to build up your photo library.
  • Do photo walks and challenges.
  • Make friends.
  • Be professional.
  • Tell a story.Instagram, writing, writer, Devin Berglund, photos, photography

Instagram opens a door of opportunity, creativity, and also another unique way to create professional content. Be sure to join me today on Instagram and throughout the rest of the week!

What are some things that you’d like to know about Instagram?

Let me know and I might just answer one of your questions.

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