“Creating The Best Me” is Launching on May 21st

Struggling to be your happiest and truest self? Finding it tough to stay motivated to get your workouts in? Discover tips and tricks to help you create your best life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

After weighing herself and being too close to a number she vowed she’d never be close to mixed with feeling uncomfortable in her skin, Devin decided to make a change in her life to construct a path back to who she wanted to be.

Through her conversational writing style and her actionable steps, you’ll pull through, set goals you’ll actually keep, and use your creativity to push you further than ever before!

Creating The Best Me is packed with encouragement, honest and practical advice, humor, as well as creative ways to help you stay on course to becoming your best self. If you like easy reads with tips and tricks that work, you’ll love this book.

Buy “Creating The Best Me” to help you live your happiest and healthiest life as your best self, today!

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