Content Style Guide

After You Get An Okay from the Digital
Content Editor, Read the Full Style
Guide Before Submitting Your Article.

I am interested about running unique, engaging articles on fiction, non-fiction, publishing, productivity, editing, and any aspect of the writing life.

Writer’s Guidelines:

  1. After you’ve contacted the Digital Content Editor, send the submission as a Word document in the attachment of your email. Make sure your article is approximately 500 – 800 words.
  2. If you link anything in the post, make sure the links work. Just in case the url links don’t transfer for some reason, please place ( with the link after the spot you want to be a clickable link.
  3. In the email subject box write: Dancing Poet Guest Post. If you are a blogger in our network please put: Dancing Poet Blog Network: (Your Name)
  4. Please include your name, website and a one to two sentence bio in your email.

Also include images to go with your post. If the Digital Media Editor decides to use them she will.

Your chances of acceptance greatly improve if you:

  • Follow the Submissions Guidelines and the Content Style Guide

  • Review past posts so you don’t duplicate a topic

  • Give your article an attention-grabbing headline

  • Submit an article that hasn’t been previously elsewhere (including your personal blog)
    -Send the pitch via the submission form below or in the contact tab up above.

  • Refrain from using affiliate links in your article and byline

  • If you include photos, you must also include the Photo Credit. Who took the photo. Please only use photos you have  permission to use.

Below is the format that many people use for their blogs. This is also the preferred format for my website.

  1. Headline
  2. Hook
  3. Problem
  4. Root of the Problem
  5. Solution
  6. Way to go about doing the solution
  7. Ice-breaker question to get readers interacting with one another
  8. Short Bio with social media links
  9. I am unable to accept a guest writer’s article until I’ve read it in full.
  • Introduction (or also known as a hook): a couple of paragraphs to hook readers’ attention.
  • Readability: Break up long paragraphs into shorter chunks. The use of subheads and lists are really helpful.
  • Headers: Please use the style Heading 2 (in the WordPress editor) for all subheadings.
  • Lists: Bullets and automatically numbered lists are good, but you are free to manually number lists if needed.
  • Word Count:  minimum of 500 words, with a preferred length of 500-1000 words.
  • Spacing: Please use only one space after punctuation.
  • Images: Please put at least 1-2 images in your posts. Licensing is a key consideration for images. (So be sure to put the owner in the corner of the Caption Photo Credit : (if that is where you got the picture from.)
  • Titles: Give your contribution an eye-catching and relevant title.
  • Proofreading and Editing: If accepted, I will proofread your submission for spelling, grammar, and concise language. I may also change your headline and formatting if I feel it is necessary.
  • Plain Text only: Please do not send your article in Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice formatted attachments. Due to the excessive time (and frustration!) required to re-format these documents into WordPress, I am not able to accept documents in formats other than Plain Text. Go to this link to better understand what Plain Text means. 
  • Your guest post entry must be fresh, new and exciting – It mustn’t have been published elsewhere.

Submit below in the content
style guide contact form.

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