Character Conversations #6: World Rules & Traditions

Holiday season got me thinking about our world rules and the traditions we have. This is also true for the stories we read. In each story there is a unique world, whether it’s set in our world or in a fantastical world with it’s one set of rules and traditions.

That’s something I want you to think about this week.

Grab your story world & break out the rules and traditions

For example, I’m going to use Harry Potter. As you all know it’s set in our world, but yet in a world of ours where magic reigns.

In Harry’s world:

  • Owls deliver the mail to other wizards.
  • Children go to wizardry school.
  • Wizards can’t do magic in front of muggles.
  • Underage wizards can’t do magic outside of the school.
  • No mentioning of the name who must not be named.
  • Not using the unforgivable curses.

Now, I want you to think about the world your story is set in. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What world rules apply to all the characters in this world?
  2. What is different in your world compared to ours? And why did you create your world with those rules?
  3. If magic is used, what happens? Is there a price that’s paid? If or if not, how?

Let me know what you think of your story world in the comments.

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