What I’m Grateful For…

Every year around this time people start thinking about the things they are grateful for. It’s a season filled with warm conversations around the dining room table with your family. Board games and mulled apple cider are a staple many families include, as well as that turkey-dinner coma after eating first Thanksgiving dinner, second Thanksgiving dinner, and third-sies. It’s perfection. Maybe not calorie-wise, but definitely relaxation-wise!

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I’m Grateful For My Favorite Holiday

For me, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas that are my absolutely favorites!

I’ve sort of created a blog tradition of mine and every year I write a post focused around what I’m thankful for this year. So that’s what this post is going to be.

This year, I’m thankful for:

  • That I have a relationship with the most-high, the king of all!
  • Health for me and my family.
  • That we have Johan’s green card!!
  • That my husband is so encouraging and lifts me up when I need it.
  • I’m also thankful for a wonderfully blessed first year of marriage! Here’s to many, many, many more!

What I'm thankful for, devin joubert

  • That my entire family (Johan’s side and mine) are all safe. That God has been watching over us all.
  • For the chance to work for myself.
  • I’m also thankful for Mary Kay and that she came up with the idea she did 50 years ago. Little did she know that, that idea would help me move ahead in my dreams. Also thankful because Mary Kay has gotten me on track to knowing God better as well, while also enriching other women’s lives.
  • I’m thankful I get to do life on my terms. No more rushing back to the office because I’m a minute late and afraid the micromanagers are going to get annoyed. Petty.
  • So thankful for our cuddly kitten, Loki who is the biggest love bug and yet the craziest bug hunter we know.

What I'm thankful for, devin joubert

  • I’m so thankful that Johan loves his job as a drafter at a general contractor.
  • Thankful we have a roof over our heads, heat and electricity, and even thought it might seem strange, I’m also thankful for the internet.
  • I’m also thankful for BSF and my BF leader. BSF has really pushed Johan and I to learn more about God.

There are so many things to be thankful for this year.


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments.

How To Stand Against The Status Quo

Johan and I recently took a big step.

Entrepreneurship is filled with dreams, possibilities, and risks.

Throughout my life, I’ve never wanted to live cooped up in an office. I’ve always wanted to be out and about. On an adventure, to make an amazing life for myself and others. So in this post, I want to share how to go against the status quo and how when you do, people won’t understand your reasoning. Stand strong and chase your dreams. Mine was freedom.

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How To Stand Against The Status Quo

I recently chatted with a traveling freelancer and she said that many times people will ask her “where are you traveling now?” or “When are you getting a real job.” Things like that really sting.

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I guess I’ve always been against the status quo, because what’s so amazing about following some trail that a million others have walked in front of you? Yeah, sure it will bring you to a safe destination. I’d rather get off the well-tread paths and bushwhack.

You see so much more anyways. It makes me think of a time that I went GeoCaching in Glacier Montana with my dad and brother. We left the trail and followed the coordinates. Yes, at some points we felt like we were lost, at other points we saw amazing views we’d never have seen if we hadn’t left the trail in the first place. Continue reading “How To Stand Against The Status Quo”

Our Choice For Chasing Freedom As An Entrepreneur

I’m excited to share this news with you. I’ve been dreaming about the day that I’d get to say this for a long time.

I’m an entrepreneur now!

[Tweet “We only have ONE life. I’m not going to waste it.”]

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When I originally wrote this, I had just recently put my resignation letter in at my day job, so I can chase my goal of being an entrepreneur. My husband and I came together about it and prayed. We felt that now is the best time to go after it.

I know, if you are like any other NORMAL human being you might be wondering, “Why though, did you quit your day job? People always warn against that.”

I know. But this is why… Continue reading “Our Choice For Chasing Freedom As An Entrepreneur”

How To Plan A Wedding With Less Stress

I sat at my parent’s kitchen table with a large checklist in front of me and the list of people we were inviting to our wedding. Emotions and events from the week had snuck up and weighed me down. It really overwhelmed me. And since my then fiancé was too far away to give me a hug, it was just harder than it needed to be.

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Wedding planning can go a little like that. Emotions. And it doesn’t help even more when outside stresses push on you as well.

Continue reading “How To Plan A Wedding With Less Stress”

How To Write Your Personal Words Of Affirmation

I just got back from a women’s retreat a little while ago. One day, we did a small activity that at first seemed simple, but the more we worked at it, it seemed harder that I’d originally thought it would be.

That activity was writing a list of affirmations that you should revisit daily to encourage yourself.

In life, we give compliments and speak nice words to people around us and yet, we say the worst things to ourselves in the morning when we see ourselves in the mirror. Isn’t that true?

So I want to go over a couple things with you, that’ll help you raise your confidence and achieve the life you’ve always wanted to live, by writing your own personal affirmations. This project is similar to creating a vision board  for yourself, but with words.

What You’ll Need:

Some of your favorite pens and paper. It can be lined paper or even something fancy like scrapbooking paper. 

Some Things You Should Know

  • Start by thinking of an intention you’d love to have manifest in your own life. How will that result feel? And how will it affect your life? It is going to be your target.
  • Begin your personal affirmations with “My” and “I.”
  • Write them in present tense. This will help you see it happening now. If you write it in future tense you will just be creating hope for those things and not actually creating those affirmations into existence.
  • Give it a time frame such as, “In a month” or “by the month of December.”
  • Write shorter affirmations so they are easier to remember.
  • Don’t write affirmations like you are asking the Genie to grant you a thousand wishes. Steer clear of wording like “I really want…” or “I need ____.”
  • Stay away from negative words such as: not, can’t, don’t, won’t, am not, or doesn’t.
  • Insert emotional words into your affirmations to add the emotions you’d like to experience more often.
  • Believe in your affirmations. Writing them is just step number one, but in order to make them real, you have to have a little faith, trust, and pixie dust… wait… wrong story. But you get what I’m saying.

Devin Joubert

More Prompt Ideas

  • Pick out something that you have negatively expressed about yourself and then write down the opposite. Make it positive so that is counteracts that negative belief.
  • Use your authentic voice. In other words don’t write it like someone you admire or want to be like. Write it like you.
  • Are your affirmations believable? If there is an affirmation that makes you feel uncomfortable use phrases like “I choose to…” or “I am willing to…”
  • Are you desiring what you are affirming?

How To Break Down Your Affirmations:

What you want: Lose weight so I feel healthy again.
What you’d say to defend yourself: I am not fat! (If this were your affirmation, you’d be focusing on the word fat.
What you should say for your affirmation: My body is healthy and fit. You are now focusing on the words healthy and fit.

I was encouraged by a mentor to write 108 personal affirmations. I want to encourage you to write 108 personal affirmations to change and improve your life.

Now, it’s your turn. Get some light and relaxing music on. Sit down in a comfortable spot. Write your affirmations. Ready. Set. Go.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I’ve been married for a year.

It’s so hard to believe that the last year has gone by so fast.

Over the past year, we went through a ton of different things. I love this adventure we are in together. I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else.

Wanted to celebrate June 11th (Which was yesterday… I was on the road and couldn’t publish this because I was in and out of WIFI.) and share some pictures from our special day last year!! We had such a lovely day! I’ll forever hold these memories close to my heart! So thankful!

In Our First Year Of Marriage We:

  • Took countless trips to fun places: South Dakota, Montana, Duluth, M.N., Medora, N.D., and Minneapolis & Itasca, M.N. as well!
  • Went to a blogger conference. My husband was the most supportive husband there. He was so supportive of me there.

For The Many Adventures Ahead…

It’s been a year and I look forward to the many years (& adventures) ahead.


Why You Should Cut Back On Tech So You Don’t Miss Out On Life

This week I decided to take a break from social media. Sometimes you need to get away from technology in a way that will allow you to relax and rejuvenate, while also growing your imagination.

Remember when you were little and you’d go outside to play. Everything was magical. For me, the swings turned into majestic flying horses and sticks became swords to defend ourselves with against the bad guys.

technology cut back rest devin joubert

I remember that in high school I never had to worry about looking at Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media.

Plus, every time I go out to eat, I see couples and family together yet divided by the small devices, (technology) which is actually sad. The original goal of eating out with your family is to go out to eat and spend some lovely time with your family and friends around you.

And then when you take out your phone, you are showing those around you that they don’t matter. Even if you set your phone on the table. It’s still giving people the sign that you can’t live without your tech.

Some Things To Try When Cutting Back On Technology

  1. Next time, try leaving your phone in your purse or jacket pocket. Challenge yourself not to touch it.
  2. Charge your phone away from the bed. The light from screens make it hard to get good sleep.
  3. Schedule 2-3 times a day to check your phone. (Instead of the average 15 times that people usually check their email in a day.)
  4. Once you get home from work put your phone away and give your undivided attention to your family.
  5. Set a challenge for yourself to stay off of social media for a given amount of time.

What are some different things that you do to cut back on tech so you don’t miss out on life?

How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work Once The Distance Ends

Congratulations! You’ve just survived a long-distance relationship. The hardest part is over. You reached across the distance and held onto each other and now you are together in the same place.


What To Do Now, Since The Long-Distance Is Over

You just defied the social norms and made your long-distance relationship work. You are finally together! You aren’t separated anymore, which is great, but it’s different and it will take time to get used to each other’s quirks. It’s normal to go through a little phase where there will be a couple small quibbles and misunderstandings about small things you both like or don’t like.

That’s the thing with any relationship though, there will be small little problems and small victories, but the great thing is that you get to work through it together in the same place, which in the long run is much better than across the distance. And yay, for making it to a place where you can work on those things in the same place.

Trust me it will get easier once you both work together and listen to each others likes, dislikes, and thoughts.

There is no longer that separation between the two of you, called distance. When you were separated by distance, if there was a problem you could get off the phone or Skype with each other and you could go do your own thing and not really worry about the problem. But now when there is a fight you have to share the space with each other and learn how to work together to make things turn out right.

What You Can Do To Make The Non-Distance Work

Here are a couple things you can do to make the transition from distance to no distance sweeter.

  1. Pay attention to each other and talk things through.
  2. If certain things bother you about your partner, like how they do something around the house, let them know in a kind way.
  3. If there are things that bother you about each other, plan a family meeting for once a week where you can talk out the issues in a respectful manner. The main thing is that you continue to show respect to each other when talking about problems.
  4. Pray and read the Bible together.
  5. If your partner says “If you could please do this for me… or it bothers me when…” Listen and don’t argue. Take it as a kind request and know there is a reason why it probably bothers your partner. There is no need to argue.
  6. Do special things together to grow your relationship like: Get take-out and have a picnic on the living-room floor and go for a walk together after work.
  7. When your partner is talking, really listen. Set down what you are doing and pay attention to what is being said. Give your partner your full attention. This makes a person feel loved.
  8. If you have the day off and your partner is working today, clean the house, so it’s nice and clean for when your partner gets home. Then they won’t feel stressed when they get home and you’ll have a relaxing evening together.
  9. Do small little wonderful things for each other. Get her some flowers and chocolate just because. Or get him a gift that he’d enjoy.

The main thing to making a long-distance relationship work after the distance is just to continue going the distance for each other. Thankfully you don’t have to hate being held apart by distance any longer. Sometimes people forget that even though you are together now, that you don’t have to go the distance for each other anymore.


If you continue to go the distance for your love, then you’ll not only make the non-distance work, you’ll thrive!

Remember, this is a great thing! You survived the actual distance.

What things do you do to show your partner you love them?

Write A Letter To Your Fat Inner Child To Cut Back On Habits

In this journey to become the best and healthiest version of yourself you will be tempted by your Fat Inner Child. In this post, you will read about how you can start pushing back on your chubby little friend.

I want you to get out some paper and a pen. You are now going to write a letter to your Fat Inner Child. Tell them what you really think about them and how you are going to combat them. When you are done with the letter, put it where your temptations are. Do you have a cookie jar full of Mini Reeses Cups like I do? Then fold it up and put it in there. Do you binge watch TV shows all the time? If so, wrap the note around the remote control.

P.S. Be sure to share with your family what your note is. It might just encourage them to write a note to their Fat Inner Child.

Okay here goes mine.

“Dear Fat Inner Child,

I am writing this letter to you right now, because quite simply I am sick of you. I know you really couldn’t be bothered, because you love laying on the couch resembling a burrito wrapped in your favorite blanket binge watching Gossip Girl. You have all the sugary sweets and salty yumminess within arm’s reach. You extremely rather be doing that everyday rather than getting up to go for a run.

I know you’d probably rather scoop out as much food as you’d like onto your plate, even if you aren’t THAT hungry instead of sticking to the recommended serving sizes.

The thing is though, I’d rather not reap the punishment you deserve. I am not going to let you have control over my choices. I have a choice. I am not going to take on the pounds you aren’t willing to lose.

I will make you obey me.”

Okay, now it’s your turn! If you feel comfortable, share yours in the comments.

Are You Ready For An Awesome Book Club?

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Ever longed for a tightly knit group of friends who love discussing books? And chatting about things that can improve your lifestyle? Like healthy ways to eat better or how to get more steps in a day, while working a desk job?

If so, you are in the right place. Because this March, we will be having a book club focusing on Creating A Fit Life – A Woman’s Guide To Being A Fit Creative In An Unfit World. It will be held on my Facebook page (and Instagram Live), where I will do a Facebook (& Insta) Live video for each section.

Here is the link to where all the action is going to happen!

If you want to join on Instagram, go here.

Goody Bag and Buy Book Special

If you buy the book, Creating A Fit Life – A Woman’s Guide To Being A Fit Creative In An Unfit World, on Amazon then send me an email to devinberglund(at)live(dot)com (with CAFL Book Club in the Subject Line. This is very important!), with your email receipt to receive the book goody bag that’ll help you reach your creative and fitness goals this month.

Your Goody Bag Includes

Everyone loves a goody bag filled with fun stuff, right?

This is what is included in your goody bag:

  • Coloring sheets (Worth $30)
  • 3 printable motivational art pieces (worth $20 each)
  • Creative Reader To Inspire You To Live An Inspired Life Daily (Worth $25)
  • Video (Worth $30)
    = $105 total

That means you’ll actually get $105 worth of awesome goodies to help you on this create a fit lifestyle journey. And all for the price of the book.

Book Club Schedule

The book club will be held at 12:10pm central time and will run for 10-15 mins.

Monday, March 6th – Topic: Choose Yourself (Chapter 1 + 2)

Wednesday, March 8th – Topic:  A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Chapter 3)

Friday, March 10th – Topic: What About Those Naggy Thoughts? (Chapter 4)

Monday, March 13th – Topic: When People Disappoint (Chapter 5)

Wednesday, March 15th – Topic: Things That Can Hurt Your Confidence (Chapter 6)

Friday, March 17th – Topic: I Have Confidence (Chapter 7)

Monday, March 20th – Topic: A Great Place To Begin (Chapter 8)

Wednesday, March 22nd – Topic: Everyone Needs to Eat (Chapter 9)

Friday, March 24th – Topic: Fitness and Happiness at a 9–5 (Chapter 10 +11)

Monday, March 27th – Topic: Relaxation and Meditation at Work (Chapter 12)

Wednesday, March 29th – Topic: For When You Are Sick (or Just Tired) (Chapter 13)

Friday, March 31st – Topic: The Triple R (Chapter 14)

Itinerary Of Each Book Club Session

We will meet around the noon hour and I will read a section from the book. And then will give an action step for the day.

I really look forward to having you join us. Be sure to join the fun!