Upcoming Twitter Chat Schedule!

The #WritingHarvest Twitter Chat is back on this month! Aren’t you excited? I know I am. I have some exciting projects and things coming up for the #WritingHarvest Peeps. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and make sure to click on the link and fill in the questions.

First off, our next Twitter Chat will be held on July 25th at 3pm Pacific Time. Be sure to join our #WritingHarvest Facebook Group and our Pinterest board. (Ask to be added as a pinner and I will add you.) Twitter Chat, #WritingHarvest, Devin Berglund, Writer, Writing

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How Writing A Series is Like Baking A Cake – Tips For Writing A Series

I’d like to invite my friend and fellow writer & author Katie Cross to the blog again. Her newest book is out today! Yay! Be sure to show some love by commenting! Without further ado… learn about writing a series from someone who has done it. 🙂

When it comes to dessert, I know my way around a bakery.

But writing in an organized manner . . . well . . . let’s just say I’m one teaspoon short of a full set. When I started writing The Network Series, I had the equivalent of an egg and a teaspoon. I learned the hard way that one egg does not make a cake. As a bonafide pantser, however, I didn’t really care. I knew that as I went along, I’d figure it out. And I did.

But let’s just say that my little cake took awhile to bake.

And now I’m wishing I’d read the directions.


7 Tips for Writing a Series by @kcrosswriting

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Questions To Ask Your Characters – Free Writing Exercise

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Want to flesh out your characters in a fun way? Ever thought of free writing your characters thoughts? We’ve all at one time or another done that character sketch that they taught in high school. The one that asked a ton of questions like:

•What hair color?
•Eye color?
•Does he/she have any scars?

I promise this isn’t the same kind of free writing exercise. Character sketches never really helped me much. I found them a bit boring. It made them seem like a homework assignment rather than a real person.

This writing exercise will help you grow into a writer that knows their characters on another layer.

When I free write my character’s thoughts in the form of journaling it really gets me into their heads.

They seem like they are REAL. Well, they are… they are inside your head. Get to know your characters better by doing this free writing exercise.

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Writing Your Novel’s Premise & Pitch

The premise and pitch of your novel are important. Having them figured out before you finish your novel will help you know where your novel is headed. You could almost consider them to be maps to the rest of your novel.novel, writing, premise, pitch, writer, Devin Berglund

The Premise – 

The premise is a core statement that can usually be put into one sentence. It shows “What happens to the characters as a result of the actions of a story.” James N. Frey said.

On Writer’s Digest they covered the premise of The Three Little Pigs which is “Foolishness leads to death, and wisdom leads to happiness.” See how it isn’t telling about the characters or the story? One thing to remember is that every story has only one premise.

Your premise is the root idea of your story, in other words it is the foundation supporting the rest of your novel. It supports your entire plot.

When you figure out your premise you will have a much easier time writing your book, because it will drive the actions of your characters throughout the novel.

Once you’ve written the premise you can create a plot that proves your premise. It’ll help you create a story that works.

How About You?

Think about your story and craft yourself a premise statement.

The Pitch – 

I have found a few formulas online for writing your pitch. I really like the one on Kristen Lamb’s website.

Hook + Character intro + First Plot Point + Closing Scene (Optional).

Another one I like is the one on Nathan Brandsford’s page.


Be Sure to Answer These:

  1. Who is the protagonist?
  2. Am I using active verbs?
  3. Is the protagonist’s goal visible?
  4. Who is the antagonist? Or the problems trying to stop the protagonist?
  5. What are the stakes?

Share your premise and/or your pitch in the comments below.

9 of The Best Writing Apps

Are you an app junkie? There is an app for everything these days. Being a writer, we should take advantage of the writing apps out there. We have technology that the writers of old probably never dreamed of. Make sure you check out these writing apps.writing, apps, writing apps, amwriting, Devin Berglund

1. Evernote 

I love Evernote. It’s a great place to save things from the web. It’s also a great place to keep all of your notes and story ideas.

2. Rory’s Storycubes

This is a great app for story prompts. It’s also a fun game to play with family and friends. Love this. They also have a NONE app version where you actually get to roll dice.

3. Pages

Also available on the iPad.

4. Index Card

This app helps you organize your thoughts using index cards. It also syncs well with Scrivener. They also have this for the iPad.

5. WriteChain

This app is great for keeping track of the words you write daily. Log the word count every day so that you don’t break the link.

6. Word

You all know what word does. It’s a great app to have on your iPhone. They also have this for the iPad.

7. Google Docs

Do you work on a bunch of computers? If so, Google Docs is a great way to be accessible to everything.

8. Notes App

This comes automatically on your iPhone and iPad. I love it for jotting down ideas.


9. Word count Dashboard

This is a great app where you can keep track of your project’s word count. It’s really inspiring. Here is a screenshot from my last project. It’s really cool, because you can set a deadline and also upload a cover. How cool, right?writing, apps, writing apps, amwriting, Devin Berglund



Did I miss some of your favorites?  Share them in the comments below.

How to Create Your Novel’s Playlist

Have you ever created a playlist for your novel? A novel playlist will help you if you ever get stuck, while in the moment of working on your manuscript.

Lately I’ve been collecting songs for a future novel I want to write. I will start writing that novel after I’ve finished this current one that I’m working on.

novel writing, writing, playlist, story

Sometimes music pokes at my imagination when I’m not writing, because usually I can’t write to music with lyrics, but I can imagine to music with lyrics. So that’s what I do whenever I drive with the radio on.

If I don’t know certain songs I just click open either Siri or Shazam. They both have the ability to tell me what a song is. Then, I usually take a screen shot of it so I can look it up later. Continue reading “How to Create Your Novel’s Playlist”

Having Your Own Writing Retreat

Quick note from Devin: Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Check out her site here and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Last weekend I declared that I’d go on a writing retreat. Really that writing retreat consisted of staying at home and writing. I really believe that as writers we need to be doing that more.

So here are some tips for having your own writing retreat. I am planning on doing that again next weekend.

Writing, Writing Retreat, AmWriting, Devin Berglund

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You Know You Are a Writer When…

schedule, finished my novel, Laura Smith, Writer, Springtime Writing, Writing, Devin Berglund, Nanowrimo, Devin Berglund, North Stradbroke Island, Finished my book

  • You keep your phone next to you when you fall asleep, just incase you get a great idea to write down in the middle of the night.
  • You plan on writing all night, but decide once you get home from work to watch TV. fail.
  • Your search history could scare someone or bring the FBI to your door.
  • Your dreams are so vivid and you find yourself thinking mid-dream “Wow, that would make a great story!”
  • You have certain pens you work with and certain ones you hate.
  • Teachers told you “You daydream too much.” as a child.
  • You love writing, but hate it in the same breath.
  • You fight the urge to sit down and write.
  • You constantly think about stories. You breath, sleep, and eat stories. They are your air.
  • Your go to writing clothes are either your PJs or your workout clothes!
  • You don’t get enough time to read ALL the books you want to read.
  • You’ve heard one of these questions (or all of them) before, “Are you done with your book yet?” or “When are you going to be published?”
  • You either HATE editing or revising or you love it. I hate it. How about you?
  • Your overactive imagination scares you when you are home alone.

Add some of your own “You know you are a writer, when…” scenarios in the comments.

Join Me on a Virtual Writer’s Retreat?

Do you ever sit down to write at your computer all to just open up an internet window to quickly check if anyone has written you?

Facebook and social media are just a few clicks away, which doesn’t help when we get “bored” with our writing. So we think, “Oh, I will just go check Facebook, Twitter, and my email, quick.” That quickly turns from 10 minutes into 2 hours of wasted time, when you were supposed to be writing instead.

Want to beat social media at it’s own time wasting game?

Take up this virtual writing retreat to kick wasting time in the butt. (Click to Tweet) Read on to find out more.writers retreat, virtual writers retreat, writer, writing, #WritingHarvest, Dancing Poet Creative Media, Devin Berglund

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Revising Resources – The Bad & The Good

This was originally a post that was published on my old blog. I was preparing my website articles and posts for Google’s SEO change and realized I hadn’t posted this over here yet. Now, I rarely give bad reviews on public pages, but sometimes there are things people need to be warned about. And I feel this one is important! I was revising my novel and wanted more information on revision, follow my journey. Read all the way to the bottom for some GREAT resources on editing.

Professionalism Is IMPORTANT!!

As you all know, I’ve been through a ton of revisions with my manuscript.

At first, I had no idea how to go about the whole process. I mucked right into the muddy mess with my rain boots. I like the mental picture of a girl with her rain boots, because I can relate. I remember a time in my life (I was probably 8-years-old) when I was stuck in the middle of the muddy garden in my rain boots. The garden had turned to an ocean of mud from all the rain we’d gotten. I was stuck.


Holly Lisle, Professionalism, Why professionalism is important as an author, revision, revising, writing, editingI tried pulling my feet out of the mud, but the suction was too strong, so I started hyperventilating. My foot came flying out of my rain boot. I was a crying little island in the middle of a mud sea.

I pulled my other foot out and ran to the safety of dry land, but my boots stayed behind. They were out there for a few days.

I picture revising a novel a lot like that whole scene. (Writing and revising is a lot like gardening.)

You need to get yourself dirty. Roll up your sleeves and get in there.

When I was just starting my revision process I wasn’t sure how to go about it so I looked for books and/or courses on revision. I also interviewed authors on it. (Read below for the author interviews on editing)

A few people told me that I should look into Holly Lisle’s course on revision: How To Revise Your Novel, by Holly Lisle. They told me it was quite expensive as well. I looked it up and found that it was $49.95 per month (5 payments) =$249.75.

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