4 Lessons I Learned From Running My First 10k

IMG_62846 am. It was completely misty out. It was challenging, because this was a huge thing for me. I was going to run a 10k. MY FIRST. EVER. IMG_6236I never thought I’d be a runner.

I’ve been training to run long distances all year and I really love it, now. Am I crazy to say that? Probably, but oh well!

At one time, I was just someone who would rather sit and do nothing, but now I am active as can be. Have you ever felt you’d rather do nothing than work out? If so, read on.

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Get Inspiration : Take a Walk With Me Through My Woods

When I walk through the woods, I feel peace in all areas. The wind brushing my hair past my face. The leaves crunching under my feet. When I walk the woods Inspiration finds me.

Stories of times past rides on the wings of the wind. I hear them. (This might sound crazy to someone who doesn’t tell stories. I promise, it isn’t crazy!)

Please join me on an Inspiration walk through my forest.

(These are the woods that inspired the forests in The Mason of Hearts. Welcome to my world.)

My siblings and I used to play around this old ford. It was just one day in the woods that we saw this old car. ©Devin Berglund

From a young age my brother, sister, and I would play in the forest. Something about the forest sparked our imaginations. (Click to Tweet) It was a land where anything could happen. Magic. Talking animals and stick swords morphed into real ones. We had a world of wonder at our feet. I hope you enjoy the forest that feeds my inspiration! Continue reading “Get Inspiration : Take a Walk With Me Through My Woods”

How to Control Your Inner Fat Kid… {Get in Shape as a Writer} – Part 2

Control Your Inner Fat Kid

This is the second post in the {Get in Shape as a Writer Blog Series} Haven’t read the first one yet? No problem, read it here. Continue on to find out how you can control your inner fat kid.

One day I was really craving sweets.

Sweets of all kinds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. (But, I didn’t make any.)

Mini Reeses Cups. (Problem… I had these in my closet.)

Snickerdoodle Cookies. (But, I didn’t make them either.)

Hershey Kisses Hugs. (Problem again, I had these in my closet too… *Stars light up Devin’s eyes* But, aren’t they amazing?)

I wanted my sweets. And I had some.

Do you know this feeling? And do you wish your inner fat kid would back off? I know how this feels. If you were just nodding your head up and down – then I can help you.

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How to Get in Shape as a Writer – Part 1

First photo was taken in December. Third photo was taken this month.

As a writer, I sit a lot because my work is all done on the computer. But, throughout the year of 2013 I wasn’t really happy with myself. I decided to lose weight, because I could tell I’d been gaining weight. So, I decided 2014 was MY YEAR! Check out part 2.

I stepped on the scale… & I felt depressed.

Have you ever felt this way?

I am just going to be upfront and truthful with you. When I stepped on the scale I saw that I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed. This made me upset with myself. How did I let myself come to this?

But since the beginning of this year, I’ve lost 16lbs. What I’ve been doing has been working. Finally I am much more comfortable in my skin and happier.

I am a writer and I am healthy. I wasn’t always. But, I am now.

Have you ever felt depressed about your weight? Have you had low energy and a low esteem? Do you want to start getting in shape to be the healthiest you, you can be?

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If You Could Accomplish One Thing In The New Year… What Would It Be?

The New Year is Coming!
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In the year of 2014, if I could accomplish only one thing it would be to find an agent/publisher for The Mason of Hearts. Maybe you could count that as two things, but yes, that is what I would accomplish if I could choose to accomplish anything.

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Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

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Photo Credit : Johan Joubert

And just so, you know… I am talking about water… why you should be drinking more water.

Yesterday I started a 5-week health challenge. 

This week’s goal besides working out is, drinking enough water a day. It said we have to drink 64 ounces of water a day. That is actually how much a person should always have per day. You will understand more once you’ve read the stats on water and how much of a percentage of it is in our bodies. Next week, the challenge will be NO sweets. Oh, boy that one will be tough.

Health has been something I have been thinking about for awhile. I want to be in top shape, so that I can have the best life and the longest life possible. Going out and about I have seen that our world today has slightly flopped. People don’t really care about themselves as much anymore. They eat way too much. When I was in Vegas, I saw a food place called “Heart Attack Grill” that sells super unhealthy food. They actually allow people who weigh 350 lbs or more to eat free. I mean if that doesn’t frighten you the name of their burgers (Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple Bypass Burger) and what they use to make their shakes sure should (they use butter… in shakes… -_-). Just the thought grosses me out.

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