Show You Love – A Challenge

I want the people around me to know that I love them. Just yesterday, my great uncle Arnold passed away. He’d been dealing with Alzheimers/dementia and was in a nursing home. It makes me sad. I really hope he knew he was loved by his sisters and their kids and grandkids.

Love, love others, Devin Berglund

This brought me to think about all the people in my life.

I don’t want there to be a shadow of a doubt in their minds, about whether I loved them or not. I want them to know. Continue reading “Show You Love – A Challenge”

Upcoming Twitter Chat Schedule!

The #WritingHarvest Twitter Chat is back on this month! Aren’t you excited? I know I am. I have some exciting projects and things coming up for the #WritingHarvest Peeps. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and make sure to click on the link and fill in the questions.

First off, our next Twitter Chat will be held on July 25th at 3pm Pacific Time. Be sure to join our #WritingHarvest Facebook Group and our Pinterest board. (Ask to be added as a pinner and I will add you.) Twitter Chat, #WritingHarvest, Devin Berglund, Writer, Writing

Upcoming Schedule: (Check here for further dates)  Continue reading “Upcoming Twitter Chat Schedule!”

My Summer So Far…

My summer has been busy.

How about yours?

I wish that my summer could be as carefree as they were when I was little. They were the days of laying on the hammock reading all day, while listening to the birds singing and the wind whispering through the tree’s leaves. But now, summer… is a lot like all year long.

Summer, Las Vegas, Life, Devin BerglundI wake up at around 7 am. Go for a run or a walk with my fiancé and then take a shower. This summer I was lucky to have my fiancé here with me for 6-weeks. He spoiled me with amazing breakfast and surprised me with lavish dinners when I came home from a long day at work.

By 9 am, I’m at work. I really love having a job. It really creates a sense of financial peace knowing that you can make enough to meet needs, but also to enjoy life.

But, I’ve also found that I want to have more of a passive income lifestyle. That would allow me to live the way I want to.  Continue reading “My Summer So Far…”

Urban Gardening: The Secret Garden in Your City

I am from the country. I lived on the outskirts of a very small town in rural Minnesota and had my own personal forest surrounding my home. Currently, I am living in Las Vegas. You can imagine the difference i am experiencing!

I really miss the green leaves and the trees that surrounded me. I remember reading the Secret Garden when I was younger. Did you ever read it?

Nowadays, I really wish I had my own secret green garden to escape to. So, I decided to start my own seeds to grow my own little garden – an urban garden.urban gardening, gardening, garden, Secret Garden, Miss the country, nature

Continue reading “Urban Gardening: The Secret Garden in Your City”

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! When you think of America, what are a few landmarks that pop into your mind?

My list would be:

  • Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
  • Statue of Liberty, NYC
  • St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC
  • The Wild West
  • Medora, North Dakota
  • And many others…

There are many places that stick out to me. And it’s because they carry the traits of the American values and our history. The pride to be an American.

I went to New York a few years ago with Johan. It was my first time there. When I saw the Statue of Liberty I was blown away with emotions.

You probably ask why?4th of July, Fourth of July, America, American Rights, Devin BerglundBecause, I was listening to their audio guide and one of the ladies had written in her journals about how trying and tough the boat ride to America was and that when they finally saw lady liberty, they couldn’t help but cry. They were coming to a new country that was opening their arms to them. Saving them from religious persecution. Saving them from countries being run by Tyrants.

I put myself in her shoes. I put myself in my ancestors shoes. Some of my family from the past went through Ellis Island. Lady Liberty greeted them.

My ancestors went through many trials to come into America; the right way. My great great grandma lost a child at sea when coming over from Norway. She tried hiding the little kid so she could bury them on land, but the captain found out and they buried the kid at sea. How sad! I read the letter my great great grandpa sent back to his family in Norway describing this whole story. Once she met up with my great great grandpa to make the trek to Minnesota, they lost their other child. They were starting out NEW. Completely new.

They fought for what they had. They worked hard for what they had. They started over.

I believe this is what describes an American.

If anyone wants to be an American, they must be willing to fight for what they have.

They must work hard for everything. They mustn’t expect to get things for free.

That means they shouldn’t expect the government to take care of them.

An American must take care of themselves.

Praise the power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto – “In God is our trust,”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Running a Half Marathon is a Lot Like Writing a New Novel

I’ve found running a half marathon to be a lot like writing a new novel.

Lately I’ve been in a funk when it comes to writing my new novel. The Mason of Hearts is still away with her Editor and since I’ve been settling into a new job and balancing everything else in life, it seems like I’m running a half marathon with beginning and finishing this story.

I really can’t wait to share more information with you all about my new project, but I’ve been marinating in the world and characters of it. It is quite unlike anything I’ve ever written before. But, until then, I’d like to share with you how I believe running a half marathon is a lot like writing a new novel.


 Mile 1:

Maybe you just got a new idea for a new novel? Now you just have to write it. But, sometimes this moment is the most important part of starting. Allow yourself time to just marinate in it all. Get to know the land and people inside your mind.

I’ve recently seen a Walt Disney saying.

“The way to get started is to QUIT TALKING and BEGIN DOING.”

I’ve always really struggled with this, because I love sharing my ideas with others to get an idea if they think it’s good.

In the future, I am going to try this out.

Mile 2:

This is the point where you start writing ideas down. Either in your favorite notebook or in the Notes app on your phone. I do both! This is my current notebook.

Green chevron Moleskine. Love the color and size.

Mile 3:

It happens at the most unlikely moment. Say you are laying in bed, when your eyes shoot open forcing you out of bed to write.

So you sit down  & write.

Mile 4: 

After going strong for up to at least 25,000 – 30,000 words (this is usually where I get stuck) you have a tough moment where you aren’t quite sure where you are anymore. Sometimes I feel like Derp, here.

Continue reading “Running a Half Marathon is a Lot Like Writing a New Novel”

I Don’t Believe In Political Correctness

Our world has gotten so loud with
political correctness.

Don’t you agree?

It just seems like everyone believes they have to give their opinion even when they weren’t asked for it. What really bothers me is when people say things like “Oh, you shouldn’t do that or say that.” And when you ask why, they say, “Because, it isn’t politically correct.”

South Africa, Travel, political correctness, Writing, Love, Long Distance Relationships, Christmas, Devin Berglund

Honestly, I don’t get or believe in political correctness. I think it’s just a ploy the government uses to control people.

“African Americans…”

The other day I was on a blogger’s page where she was giving a critique of a writer’s pitch. The writer’s pitch was about a lady of color and the writer just stated the character’s color as “a black lady”.

The  blogger said: “I think you should change black lady to African American.”

Writer responded: “Why?”

Blogger: “Because that’s not politically correct.”

Writer: First off, I didn’t think there was a problem with stating her color, because I am black. And just because she is black, doesn’t mean she is “African”American.

I totally agree with you, lady!

“& American Indians…”

I grew up in rural Minnesota about 8 miles from an Indian Reservation. And the Indians call themselves indians. They don’t like being called “American Indians” because of course they are American. But they have adopted the title of “Indian”.

But other times I’ve had conversations with a person and when I said “Indian”…

Guess what?

I was censored with the statement… “You shouldn’t say that… It’s not politically correct. They are called American Indians.”

To which, I’ve politely responded, “Well, actually back home the Indians prefer to be called Indians. They actually have told me & others that.”

I believe…

A writer has creative power over the world of her story. I believe the writer (amidst the color they are. White or Black or Purple.) should be able to state the color of her character (even if she isn’t said color) instead of being censored or told “It’s not politically correct.”

When I read the aforementioned blogger’s comment I felt a slightly offended. I know I am white, but I find people saying those kinds of things judgmental. Also when people say, “Oh you shouldn’t judge.” Who is judging in those types of situations. What about the person claiming that you are judging? Isn’t that judging?

So WORLD, I will not follow your bossy rules when it comes to political correctness.

I am not politically correct.

I will never be.

I don’t believe in political correctness.

I just thought I’d cover political correctness today when it comes to writing a place realistically.

Same thing about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Tom Sawyer. A few years ago editors went through the books deleting certain words. Honestly… that author put those words there for a reason. I believe they should be left as is. Yes, it is sad that those events happened, but those are the words that people spoke back then. It makes the story realistic and besides, it’s history.

When you say certain words can’t be spoken by certain people (because of color) isn’t that more racial and judgmental?

I will NEVER be politically correct, but I will be polite and respectful.

There is a huge difference.

Are you with me?


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The Full Time Job Diaries : Week’s Food Preps

Welcome to The Full Time Job Diaries

I just recently got a full time job as an Editorial & Social Media Content Writer at a Magazine here in Vegas. I’ve really been enjoying it.

I’ve decided to do some food prep for my week’s meals. I’ve never done this before, but saw it on Pinterest and other places. Other bloggers spoke about doing this. So, I thought why not… I am going to try it, because I rather not eat out for lunch and am too tired at the end of the day to make meals. I want them ready to go. What better way to make them before and then just have them ready to eat.

So I decided on Meatloaf Cupcakes and Mason Jar Salads. Which are both easy to make and store until you want to eat them.  Continue reading “The Full Time Job Diaries : Week’s Food Preps”

Twitter Chat Schedule – #WritingHarvest

Twitter Chat Schedule!

Ever wanted to make more writing friends?

Writer friends have strong connections that you won’t find in some people. Have you ever been talking about your writing or book ideas to friends and family just to see their eyes glaze over. They enjoy that you are excited, but they just don’t get you like other writers. So come join us in the #WritingHarvest Twitter Chat. We are family a great group of writers who want to change the world with their words.

I created #WritingHarvest Twitter Chat last November during the harvest. It gave me the idea that as writers, we should be harvesting our words. We should be writing as much as we can.

Who: Are you a writer? Then come join us! Invite all of your writerly friends.

Where: It’s all held on Twitter at the hashtag #WritingHarvest. We meet monthly!

Not sure what a Twitter Chat is?

[Spider_Calendar id=”1″ theme=”13″ default=”month” select=”month,”]

#WritingHarvest Schedule

March 14th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time (OVER)

April 18th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time (OVER)

May 16th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

• June (I will be on Vacation)

• July 25th at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Twitter, Twitter Chat, Writing, AmWriting, #WritingHarvest, Writer, Devin Berglund

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Running & Writing in Viva Las Vegas

Devin’s Las Vegas Update:

I’ve been running tons and writing tons. Also feel like it’s been a while since I last gave you all an update on living in Las Vegas.


Just got back from Florida. I did the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World. Went there for a week and enjoyed family time with my parents and brother. It was really nice.

A picture I snapped from the air looking down on Vegas when I got back.

List of things I’ve done since being in Vegas

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