Can’t Wait for Him to Arrive Tomorrow…

How has the beginning of summer been for everyone?

I’ve been having a grand ole’ time.

My boyfriend just got to Sydney, Australia and will be catching his next flight in the morning (Australia time). I am getting excited that he will be here tomorrow night. Time changes are different aren’t they? But, yes… I am definitely excited. It has been about 5 months since I last saw him. Crazy, right? I have been writing articals and blog entries on long distance relationships. Who would be interested in seeing some of them? I believe they would be very helpful to others in long distance relationships. They aren’t easy – but most definitely worth it.

IMG_7312This summer, I’ve been finishing my edits for book number 1. I can’t wait to get it noticed. I’ve also been working on a short story that will be launched late July. If you would like to read it, follow me via email subscription and you will get it in your email. (you may want to add me to your contact list so, it doesn’t go to the junk mail.) If you read it and tell me what you like or what could make it better (There is a link inside the book that you can press to a protected page where you can put your thoughts and review.)- The story Hope for Another Day is in beta version right now. I totally can’t wait to get it fully out there. I will give away a gift card to 5 of the people who read and share with me their thoughts.

Later this month, Johan, my mom, and I will set out to Oregon on a road trip. It should be exciting. We will be going to a conference called World Domination Summit. I am really excited, because I will meet Darren Rowse of Problogger and Jeff Goins which are two of my blogging role models.

Within the next few months I would like to get The Mason of Hearts out to beta readers.

Since this summer will be quite busy, I probably wont have time to stop by and post new stuff – BUT… I have arranged for some awesome bloggers and writers to guest post. So, keep your eyes open and give them some love when they are here.

What are your summer goals? Share some with me? And who are some bloggers or writers you would like to hear from on my website?

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