Best Tips For Teaching ESL with VIPKID While Traveling

You guys.

We were just abroad in South Africa. And it was so nice. And muchly needed. I’m so thankful we had a chance to go for two weeks.

While there, I also had the chance to work. How many jobs allow you to sign in from another country? Not many, right?

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What To Know Before Teaching ESL Abroad

There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you look into, to prepare for teaching in another country.

Here are the things I’d recommend you do before traveling:

  • Reach out to VIPKID to make sure the platform is supported.
  • Make sure the place you are staying will have a sturdy internet. To check this have them do an Internet Speed Test. We used this Speed Test. We just had Johan’s parents send us a screen shot of it. If you are trying to find a hotel or Airbnb, I recommend asking them for a speed test. From other teachers, I’ve heard that staying at Airbnbs are actually better with the internet than hotels are. But you can teach from hotels too. Just make sure the internet is good.
  • Have a backup for incase the internet gets dodgy. I have an Iphone 10. When we checked with Verizon, they told us I could just get a sim card from a provider there in South Africa and then use that instead of using their travel plan. By the way, to check into this about your sim card and phone, I’d recommend calling Verizon. They know much more than the people in store. (The lady I asked in store told me not to put another sim card in there. She didn’t know. Since I’ve traveled a lot, I knew you can but had to check on the specifics of the country.)
  • Test your tech. I decided the night before flying that I’d teach from my iPad.

What You’ll Need:

I wanted to travel as lightly as possible when traveling to South Africa, so I took this into mind while packing.

  1. The night before flying, I decided to bring my Ipad, instead of my computer. Mainly because of how light my Ipad is compared to my hefty little macbook. I also knew that I’d have a long layover in London, so I wanted my backpack to be as light as possible. The Ipad made that easier.
  2. Make sure you charge your technology the night before so they are all charged for your journey. Also remember to pack your charging cords.
  3. It’s also good to have a battery pack to charge your technology while traveling.
  4. A ring light for your computer/Ipad. I got this one and really love it. The battery lasts longer than listed on Amazon. Which is also great. In South Africa, they are dealing with power outages known as Load Shedding. So my thinking was that if the electricity went out and the light wasn’t the best that the ring light would help with that. And it did help.
  5. The apple Iphone ear buds with a mic.
  6. Your teaching supplies. Since I wanted to pack light, I only brought my small whiteboard, flash cards, my little Ipad lap desk (I wish I had this color!!), and my Ipad. You could also bring a couple finger puppets if you want. Then I packed everything in my checked bag, except for my Ipad.
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How Did It Go Teaching In South Africa?

It went really well. So smoothly actually. The internet worked better than it did at my parent’s house. It was a great connection.

It was load shedding on one of the days that I taught. Johan’s parents had their generator on at that moment though, so that kept it all running fine. And if we hadn’t had the generator I would have used my phone.

I just love how teaching online like this, really does give you the freedom to work from anywhere.

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