It’s Back To Reality

For this “What I’m Working On” post, I just wanted to chat about getting back into focus after traveling.

Johan and I had an amazing time in South Africa with his family. We had a great time. Ate some wonderful food and made some fun memories. I was able to teach and all while load shedding.

If you aren’t from South Africa or have never traveled there, you probably have no idea what that is. Load shedding, is basically when your power goes out and it won’t come back on until they turn it back on. I was once told that why they do load shedding, is because they transfer the electricity to another area of the city or to another city. I know, it makes no sense!

Earlier this week, I was on a girl’s trip with my sister and a good friend from college. It was fun!

Now, I’m back home with Johan and Loki. Man, did we miss our little cat. It’s the longest we’ve been away from him.

While I was away, I was able to really focus. It was muchly needed. These are some things I found out:

  1. Figured out I need to start saying no to things that don’t push me toward my ultimate dreams and goals. Because when you say yes to things, you are saying no to other things.
  2. I need to read more often. While in South Africa, I read around 4-5 Books in 2 and a half weeks. They were all about writing and publishing. And a few fiction books.
  3. I NEED to get in better shape. So starting this week you’ll find me at the gym every day of the week.
  4. It feels so good to write again. I got reacquainted with my dreams and wrote while in South Africa. I did a traveling project called “Little Stories” which I wrote a tiny story on an index card every couple days. I’ll share more on this project soon!

Here’s a sneak peak into this project. I’d take a picture with the index card I wrote, every day. You can check out the pictures on Instagram, as I’d post them on there.

I’m so excited we were able to go to South Africa and that I was able to spend last weekend with my sister and college friend, but it really feels nice to be home now!

“I Hate Giveaways!” Said No One Ever!

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