How to set up a twitter account

I’ve really grown to love twitter. I have met some people who have never been on twitter, but are interested in getting aboard. To answer your questions, this is for you. I decided to come up with a how-to, to walk you through. I hope you enjoy twitter as much as I do. Follow me. I will follow you back.

© Devin Berglund
© Devin Berglund

I’m on twitter and I love it… (click to tweet)

Reasons you should have twitter

  • Many agents and publishers won’t look at you, if you don’t have a big enough platform (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and more) followers.
  • Today more than ever publishers want you to do the marketing. They are so busy, they don’t want to do as much themselves. They will do some, but not enough. Your platform is one thing publishers will notice. (So, this kind of leaves it up to you.)
  • It will grow your following, if you do it right.
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Interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author – Hugh Howey


I would like to welcome Hugh Howey, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Wool, to my blog. Thank you, Hugh for the interview! Hope you all enjoy this interview with him.

1.) What gave you inspiration to write Wool?

It started with the concept of the wallscreen. In Wool, the remnants of humanity live underground, and they only have this one view out on the world around them. The wallscreen gives them that view, and it isn’t a pleasant one. I got the idea from seeing what 24-hour news does to us, this steady stream of bad events, which has many people convinced that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. That view of the world is, I believe, untrue.

2.) Who is your favorite character in your book Wool, and why?

Solo. He has lived alone for decades, and that has frozen him in time in many ways. He’s grown old without ever growing up. He’s also a little mad. I really empathize with him. Continue reading “Interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author – Hugh Howey”

moments leading to theee MOMENT I knew I was a writer

Hello All, I am back in Minnesota from my trip. I have so many awesome things coming to the blog soon. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I hope you are all enjoying your summer and the awesome guest writers!


I’ve loved creating, ever since I was a little girl.

If I wasn’t sketching in a sketchpad or directing my siblings in a play I’d written – I could be found on the swing outside daydreaming of faraway lands and adventures that I’d have on my flying horse – that was really my swing.

Fairy and folk tales were always important to me. There were many stories that sparked my interest and encouraged me to be interested in story. There were also the trips to Grandma Doris’ house where she would tell stories of the Olden Days and of when she was a little girl. The stories pulled me in. My parents always told me I’d need to write it all down someday. Continue reading “moments leading to theee MOMENT I knew I was a writer”

Finding Time to Write While Traveling

I’d like to welcome Katie Milton to the blog today! Give her a warm welcome and I hope you enjoy her tips to finding inspiration for writing, while traveling! Follow her here:

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Summer is a time when many take long road trips, meet up with family at destination reunions, or just get away from it all on a last minute cheap flight. These experiences and travels can provide lots of fodder for writers.

However, trying to pen the Great American Novel while your hands are at ten and two can be difficult. It is also tricky to try find inspiration when Aunt Sandra is monopolizing the family’s time with tales of her latest divorce. Furthermore, there usually isn’t a way to anticipate whether your seat mate on a transatlantic flight is going to be a jabberjaw. Fortunately, with a few tips and tweaks, writers can overcome these “blocks”.

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Revising on the Road

I’d like to introduce Anushka to my blog today. She is a great friend and talented writer. Hope you enjoy her tips on revising your novel while traveling.

Punctuation, revising, Bad Spelling, Writing, Enticing, writer, Devin Berglund, Katie CrossDefinition: Revision (n): Condition sparking procrastination among writers.

The last two years has seen my current WIP travel with me to nine different countries. With each country, there is a beautiful memory of a scene that came to life and of chapters that have been born and revised. Like every writer, I have also experienced my equal share of procrastination.

However, there comes a time in a writer’s life when one discovers there is no more room for excuses. Especially when nearing the final stages of revision on a story that has captured your soul. Since my love for travel is not going to go away anytime soon, the beautiful Devin has asked me to share some tips I have found useful while revising on the road.

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Bad Spelling & Polar Bears

 Note from Devin : Please welcome my friend Katie J. Cross to the blog for the second time. Be sure to check out her first post here. Visit her at

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Ever heard of a polar bear challenge?

We used to do it at girls camp in the summer. You wake up at 0500 (does that hour even exist when you’re fourteen?) and go jump in a cold lake. Typically the rules stated you had to go all the way in. Wet hair and everything.

That’s it.

People give you accolades. Do it, and you’re cool.

Don’t do it, and you’re not.

Good spelling is a lot like a polar bear challenge. Do it, and you’re cool. Don’t do it, and you’re not. Is there anything more repelling for a writer/editor than misspelled words? No. Not really. Unless it’s people who eat with their mouth open. Or bad punctuation. If you’re confused, see my first post here.

Let’s talk about the horror of bad spelling and why it makes me cringe like a cold bath of water.  Continue reading “Bad Spelling & Polar Bears”

America The Beautiful & Be My Guest

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Happy Fourth of July!

I just wanted to stop in quick to say Happy Fourth of July from Seaside, Oregon! It’s beautiful here.

I am on my way to Portland Oregon for The World Domination Summit and am totally excited about learning some awesome things from writers and bloggers of today! Also very excited to meet new contacts. Continue reading “America The Beautiful & Be My Guest”

Character Development: Tips & Tricks

I would like to introduce Christina Jones to the blog today! Hope you enjoy her tips on character development. Follow her on Twitter:

1001755_960976474920_1189356152_nWhen we choose a book to read, it’s usually because of the compelling story that was written on the back cover. However, that story isn’t what keeps us reading. We may not notice it but it’s usually the characters that keep us coming back. Sure, maybe there are a few of you out there who could care less about the characters. You’re only interested in skipping ahead to the next action scene. You, my friend, are a rarity.

As readers, we crave human characters. We want to be able to empathize with them. A story is nothing if the reader could care less what happens to the characters. So, writers, that’s where you come in. Your job is to make the readers care.

How do I do that?

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Punctuation and Pet Peeves Part 1

Note from Devin: Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce Katie J. Cross. She is a great writer & avid reader, obsessed writer, and often spends too much time in her own little world. She plans on self-publishing her first book, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, by the end of the year. Visit her at

1001755_960976474920_1189356152_n hi and thanks for, reeding my post tooday its really grate that you stoped by! i am a writer for ya fantasie & im thinking its a grate genre to right in cuz of allll that kewl stuff you can read about you know what i meeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaan?!?!

I have three major pet-peeves in life.

1. People who chew with their mouth open.

2. Lazy punctuation

3. Bad spelling.

There’s nothing that can be done about my first pet peeve, except for throwing my fists on the table and telling them they chew like a heifer.But there is much that can be done for the second and third.

Today, I’m going to focus on my pet peeve for lazy punctuation and why it’s bad for any author (especially indie authors) to be associated with it. That’s really what you guys care about, right? How you look? Don’t lie.

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Enticing Your Readers…


writers, enticing readers, Devin Berglund, Summer Writing GalaI would like to introduce the first of these amazing guest posters to you – her name is J.S. Bailey. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a cozy white house in the country with her grandmother. The little girl’s name was Mary, and she had curly blond hair and brown eyes the color of chocolate. She lived with her grandmother because her parents were abducted during the last alien invasion, when the evil overlord Qíogg ordered his minions to capture as many humans as possible so their combined life force could help power his fleet of spaceships.

Are you asleep yet? Or did your eyes glaze over rendering you awake yet wholly catatonic? Read on for some tips on enticing your readers.

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