Are you looking to make EXTRA money this summer?

Are you looking to make extra money? Pay off debt or save up for a trip to Disney for your kids?

As long as you have internet, a smile, and can speak English (and are either an American or Canadian citizen) you can teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to Chinese students in China online. 

This is a very flexible job, but you can do it full-time, or part-time. Like, right now I’m in Minneapolis on a shopping trip with my sister and mom. We are staying at a hotel and I taught this morning before we took off for breakfast. I love that you can do this from anywhere and still make a good chunk of money! I’ve taught for about 8 months with this company and absolutely love it. I’ve also taught in different countries and from different states in America. 

I have helped countless people get hired. All the qualifications you need to have are:

  • Fluent English speaker
  • United States or Canadian citizen (but you can live anywhere in the world as an expat and teach.)
  • A bachelors degree (It can be in anything. Mine was in English/mass communications.)
  • Experience working with and/or teaching children
  • Having your ESL certificate is a plus, but not required. You can also get your ESL certificate later. I’m actually working on getting mine at the moment. 🙂 
  • Have good internet
  • A BIG smile!

You can earn up to $25 per hour! And you can teach on your own schedule. Want to start? Apply here. If my referral code doesn’t automatically add itself, here it is: 8RZ45JWA

I always like sharing things that are helping me achieve my dreams with you guys, because I know if it’s helping me that maybe it might help you achieve your dreams as well!

Love & Light,