Are You In A Long Distance Relationship?

Guess what?

Johan and I are writing a book.

And it’s not just any book. We were planning on starting a magazine for couples in long-distance relationships, but currently with our workflow, that goal isn’t doable at this time.

But, our book is going to be full of tips on how to make your long-distance relationship THRIVE, as well as, some stories from ours.

Since we want to start letting people know about us and our book, I thought I’d share this awesome vlog video that we created this last summer.

Currently, we aren’t releasing new videos weekly, but I have some saved up that I will share with you here soon! When the launch of our book gets closer, we will be doing some NEW videos and then I’ll probably create a page tab underneath my header for “Wolfland Magazine,” which will be our long-distance relationship vlog.

Hope you enjoy!

We were in a long-distance relationship for 5.5 years. I met Johan when I went to study abroad in 2010. We made the distance work for us and now we are together in the same place.

Why did you name your vlog “Wolfland Magazine?”

We were inspired by wolves and good qualities that they held.

Wolves have three attributes that we really value and believe has a lot to do with successful long distance relationships. And crazy enough, they actually all begin with a C.

Commitment: Wolves are committed as they mate for life.

Community: They have wolf packs, which is a community that will help them thrive in the dangerous wild.

Communication: They also communicate across the distance with howling.

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