The answer to the lack of ladylikeness in our world today


I am a woman. I am proud to have rights and freedom like any other American woman, but I can not stand the attitude of some “women” today. So many women in the political field and on tv are so loud and rude. They aren’t thinking about manners, they are only thinking about arguing and fighting to make a point.

I want to share this with the women of the world.

Being a lady means bringing and speaking good into the world and not harm.

Ladies take compliments. If a man opens a door for a lady, she responds with a kind thank you knowing it is a compliment.

A lady is never lazy, but is diligent and hard working.

A lady knows the price of life and respects its worth.

Ladies respect men.

A lady shouldn’t swear or speak loudly with disrespect (because it doesn’t look good), but with respect and kindness.

Kindness is a virtue that many ladies live by.

Ladies know the gift they have. They know they are worthy love and respect, but they also know they need to respect and love others. They show it by how they speak and live.

Ladies, stand up & go out – live like a lady.

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