Announcing The Pantry Closet Cook-Off Challenge (Join Us!!)

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In December, I read Dani Johnson’s book “First Steps To Wealth” and got an ingenious idea. She talks about how the food in your pantry = money.

And how a few different people decided to only eat what was in their pantry before buying anymore food. I thought that was brilliant.

Have you ever thought of it like that?

I mean sure, you paid money for all of the food. But as time went by, you haven’t eaten it all yet.

But a majority of the items in a pantry tend to either go missing, because they are lost back there, or you forget about them. And when you forget about food a few things happen:

  1. First, some food items go bad if they are forgotten about too long. Resulting in lost money, because when you do find it you’ll have to throw it out.
  2. You don’t know what you have, so you buy multiples of it when you go to the store. Which is also wasted money. Since you didn’t eat the one you have in your pantry already.
  3. You forget about the different food items and don’t use them.

After reading the section in Dani’s book, I decided that I want Johan and I to give this a try. We’ve decided to set this challenge up for the month of March or until our food runs out. Want to join us?

Figured it would be a wonderful way to get rid of everything and save money, while actually using the things we’d bought. Keep reading though, because there are still some items that we will allow ourselves to buy to finish some of the meals.

What Are The Rules?

  1. You must use all the food you have in your pantry before you decide to buy anything else.
  2. You are allowed to buy food items that fall into the exceptions list, which are (some of these might be different for you and your family, but for us it would be): milk, meat, eggs, and veggies. The fresher items that we run out of quicker.

How To Begin The Challenge

1.) This is one of the most important steps: Go through your pantry and see what all you have.

I have a Google Sheets Spreadsheet open to track what we had. I wrote out all the different food groups I had like:

  • Cereal
  • Baking Supplies
  • Pasta
  • Canned Goods
  • Chips/Crackers
  • Boxed Sides
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Sauce

Those are just a few of the categories we had. But as I went through each shelf, I organized it and then also wrote it down in my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is now filled with all the food items we have in our pantry.

When we use an item from the spreadsheet list, I’ll end up editing the spreadsheet again so that it does not include that item any longer.

2.) Set up a weekly menu with the items you have on your spreadsheet.

Be sure to take note of any “exceptions list” food items you might need to get from the store. And I’d recommend making this menu at the beginning of the month and having your “exceptions list” made then too so you don’t have to visit the grocery store too many times a week. Because that’s annoying.

Honestly, I hate going to the grocery store. It’s such a time waste. You go in and end up wasting a ton of time.

Are you in?