ANNOUNCEMENT: What I’m Working On Wednesdays

Guess what? I’m announcing something new and exciting. A new blog series. This blog series will publish every Wednesday and is titled “What I’m Working On Wednesdays” which will include anything and everything from the writing I’ve been doing, my publishing journey, that awesome crock pot recipe I tried, an intriguing article that you just have to read, and also that great new cardigan I got.

Devin Joubert

It’s going to be fun. A little bit of business up front and party in the back. Yes, a mullet type blog post, but WAY more FASHIONABLE. Never did I think I’d write the word MULLET on my blog. Oh boy! haha…

3 Things I’ve Been Working On

1.) Editing my current book print out. SOHCAB is the code name for the book right now. I’ll release more information about it soon. After I get back from South Africa, I’ll be going all in to finish this baby. Planning to have some full on writing days.

2.) Reading A Court Of Thorns & Roses. Trying to finish this book before I take off for South Africa. I don’t want to bring a physical book with me while traveling. (I LOVE physical books, but am trying to pack light for this trip.)T

3.) Tidying Up, Decluttering, and Organizing. I’m talking watching all the Marie Kondo episodes on Netflix, reading the book, going through things and asking “Does this spark joy?,” reading minimalist blogs, and throwing out a lot of things. That’s one thing I was so sick of last year. Having a feeling that I have no control over any of the clutter and mess. Not anymore. Not today satan.

SIDE NOTE: While Johan and I are in South Africa, there will only be one post published every week on Wednesday: The “What I’m Working On Wednesday” post! When I get back the 2 posts a week schedule will pick up again.

What have you been working on? What kind of things would you like to see more of on this blog?