Welcome to Life Writing Wanderlust, an online home for people who want to live their best lives possible. I’m Devin Joubert (pronounced Yo-bear). I write, work in direct sales, and travel.

You’ll find articles about living your best life while making your dreams come true. We focus on three areas: Life (life & business), Writing (blogging & publication), and Wanderlust (travel).

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What You’ll Find Here:

  • I write about personal development, leadership skills, and how to live your best life. I find it deeply important that people love what they do. So I also share ways to help people do just that!
  • I write about writing, publishing, and blogging to share my journey, but also help you jump over valleys and pitfalls.
  • I write about wanderlust and travel. I also cover subjects on expat living, studying abroad, and long-distance relationships. I studied abroad in Australia and lived there for a year. My husband is from South Africa and Australia. That’s where we met. We were in a 5.5 year long-distance relationship and have now been in the same place happily married.

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I look forward to getting to know you better!! 🙂

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